Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Physical Plant


Requests for Physical Plant services typically fall into one of three categories:

- Emergency calls to take care of life/limb or property threatening situations, such as flooding, electrical hazards and pipe breaks.

- Urgent service requests to address items that impede operations and efficiency, including broken windows or doors, dripping faucets, clogged drains, icy walkways and ventilation problems.

- Routine service requests to correct or update items that do not require immediate attention, including lighting, mechanical, heating, cooling or electrical repairs and cleaning services.

How to Obtain Service

All service requests require that a work order be submitted :
  • All emergency requests should be called into the service desk immediately during business hours. 3312. Or UPD after business hours 2611.

  • All work requests should be submitted on-line through Maintenance Connection.

An authorized Work Order is required in advance for any work that is a chargeable service provided by the Physical Plant Department.  Chargeable Services may be paid by the Requesting departmental accounts through the Physical Plants Initiation of Purchase Orders utilizing said accounts, or by Interdepartmental Transfers (IDTs) authorized by the department. If the Work Order requires engineering, changes in building function or pertain to changes in campus parking, a "Request for Proposed Construction Project" (Form EP-1) will be sent to the Director of Facilities, Planning and Construction (FP&C).  Work Requests are requested through the TMA iService Desk.

The Building Maintenance section of the Physical Plant Department is responsible for all General Repair, Carpentry, Painting and Locksmith needs relating to campus facilities.  Regular day-to-day maintenance and repair of campus building is covered by Building Maintenance as is all termite service agreements.  In addition to facilities, all university fleet vehicles are maintained by the automotive shop which is a part of Building Maintenance.

Questions, problems and suggestions regarding Building Maintenance may be directed to Building Maintenance, Superintendent, ext. 3291 or the Physical Plant office at ext. 3312

Campus Grounds maintains all university grounds including landscaping, irrigation, trash, maintenance of athletic fields, and the care of outdoor art. Work done by te Campus Grounds also focused attention on university storage and interdepartmental movement of University assets.

Questions, problems and suggestions regarding Building Maintenance may be directed to Building Maintenance, Superintendent, ext. 3291 or the Physical Plant office at ext. 3312

Handels basic repairs of existing walls, doors, windows, shelving and cabinets.

The construction of new walls, shelving, cabinets and similar carpentry project are considered special work order requests.

Questions, problems and suggestions regarding Building Maintenance may be directed to Building Maintenance, Superintendent, ext. 3291  or the Physical Plant office at ext. 3312

Contact Physical Plant About Classrooms

The Utilities shop of the Physical Plant Department handles university Utilities, Electrical, Plumbing and Air Conditioning. Additionally, utilities are responsible for the operation and maintenance of our two central plants involving heating and chill water. Our water supply is managed by our Utilities shop as well as maintenance of two water wells.

Questions, problems and suggestions regarding the utility shop may be directed to Utilities, Superintendent, ext. 4448.

The Custodial Services section of the Physical Plant Department is responsible for providing a clean, sanitary and orderly environment throughout the campus. There are 42 customer oriented employees focusing on maintaining a high level of cleanliness in which to learn and work.  This tem covers 48 building facilities, including 98 classrooms, 41 laboratories, 664 sanitary fixtures, 6,411 desk chairs, over 800 chalk/white boards, 398,618 sqft. of carpet and a total cleanable square footage area of approximately 941,808 sqft.  This group also performs monthly visual fire equipment inspections.

Routine Service

Routine cleaning is performed on a five-day, Monday through Friday schedule with two shifts.  Classrooms, laboratories, restrooms and corridors are cleaned and stocked on a daily basis. Trash is emptied daily.  Offices will be cleaned once a week.  The frequencies are based on campus priorities given existing resources.

Facilities Scheduling

For reservations, assignments, and scheduling of any University facilities, please contact the following:

Provost's Office (ext. 3106)-for all academic buildings and rooms

SUB scheduling Office (ext. 4137)-for all non-academic buildings and rooms except Athletics facilities

Athletics Office (ext. 2410)-for all Athletics facilities including the football stadium, baseball fields, etc

When making reservations or after-hour event schedules, please request needed custodial support with a maintenance work order at the Physical Plant Administrative Office, ext. 3312/3313, at least 72 hours in advance for complex arrangements or 48 hours of other events.

To report any problems in routine cleaning service, contact Custodial Services, Superintendent, ext. 3296 or the Physical Plant front office at ext. 3312

Please Note: The Physical Plant Department does not maintain responsibility for the assignment and scheduling of classroom space. The above listed offices handle such matters.

Emergencies include fire, flooding from plumbing failures, roof leaks, electrical hazards, elevator malfunctions, security-related problems and research equipment failure that either presents a safety or health hazard or seriously interferes with ongoing research. Less serious problems, which do not present an immediate health or safety hazard, are considered "urgencies" and should be directed to the department.

- Call ext. 3312 in cases of emergencies during regular business hours and follow the instructions given. This line is closely monitored.

- During non-business hours, call ext. 2611, University Police.

In case of fire or visible smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm, vacate the building, and call University Police, ext. 2611.

All equipment on campus impacts on the Physical Plant Department in one manner or another, and as such the department must be notified prior to the installation of any major equipment. Besides working to protect the safety, health and welfare of the campus community, the Physical Plant Department is available to offer advice and assistance to ensure a safe, functional and complete installation.

- Prior to the installation of any major equipment, including academic and research equipment, contact the service Desk at ext. 2207

The Building Maintenance shop and the Utilities shop of the Physical Plant Department works with the Environmental Health and safety office of Texas A&M-Kingsville to maintain fire protection equipment on campus, including Fire detection systems, water sprinklers and smoke alarms.

Building Maintenance-Maintains all fire extinguishers.  To report missing or discharged extinguishers, contact building Maintenance at ext.  3312/3313.

Utilities(HVAC)-Maintains the installed Fire Equipment, ie. Pull Handles, Fire panels, and audio/video alarms.

Physical Plant Custodial Staff - Visually inspect all facility fire equipment with the exception of the Residential Hall, Student Union Building, Sports Recreation Center and other auxiliary facilities.  Please submit work orders for deficiencies.

How to obtain Service

In Cases of emergencies:

  • During business hours, call ext. 3312, Physical Plant Service desk.
  • During non-business hours, call ext. 2611, University Police.
  • In case of faire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm, vacate the building, and call the University Police. ext.2611

The Physical Plant Department provides flooring and window treatment services, along with related design assistance, as a chargeable service.

The Physical Plant Department maintains no budgetary responsibility for university furniture. The department, however, can offer advice and assistance for minor repairs to furnishings.

- For minor furniture repairs, submit a work request via the iService Desk.

- For major repairs, including reupholstering, or to purchase new furniture, contact the University Purchasing Office, ext. 3814

Building Maintenance is responsible for elevator inspections, preventative maintenance, repairs, and emergency calls.

All hazardous substances, including chemicals, oils, paints, solvents, and radioactive material, must be disposed of properly and in accordance with state and federal regulations. It should be noted that custodians are not to be directed to perform any clean up of hazardous substances, such as chemical spills. The Environmental, Health & Safety Office, ext. 2646 handles the disposal of all hazardous material on campus.

To request hazardous waste removal or to obtain information on proper storage, call the Environmental, Health & Safety Office, ext. 2646.

Please Note: Some equipment, such as refrigerators, generators and certain scientific equipment, contains hazardous materials and must be disposed of properly. Before disposing of equipment that may contain hazardous materials, please contact Service Crew, Superintendent ext. 2134

The Utilities Operations shop of the Physical Plant Department is charged with providing the campus community with proper heating/cooling and ventilation within campus buildings. As part of that charge and consistent with Facilities Planning and Construction and the state energy office, the shop strives daily to maintain the temperature in all campus buildings between 72 (Plus/minus 2 degrees) in the winter and 76 (Plus/minus 2 degrees) in the summer.

  • Problems with heating/cooling and air quality should be directed to the Physical Plant Service Desk at ext. 3312.
  • Problems during non-business hours should be directed to University Police, ext. 2611.
  • For special events that require maintaining the temperature within the designated comfort range during times when the campus normally would be closed, please provide at least 72 hours advanced notice to the Physical Plant Service Desk at ext. 3312.

The Physical Plant Department has responsibility for keys and locks on campus. The Locksmith is responsible for the issuance of all new keys and the installation of all new locks on campus.

To Obtain a key: Each Key must be requested on a separate Key Request Form. Complete this form in duplicate. Get your department head's approval and original signature. (The appropriate Dean or Vice President must authorize keys for students.) Bring all copies to the Physical Plant Office. Director of Physical Plant will direct Locksmith to make key after authorization. Requestor will be notified when key is ready for issue. (Normally 5 business days) Person being issued key must present themselves to the Physical Plant with identification and sign for key.

To Return a key: When key issued to individual is no longer needed, return the key to the Physical Plant office. Only the Physical Plant is authorized to issue/transfer keys. Physical Plant will provide copy of original Key Request Form with return signatures to person turning in key. Lost Keys- Individual losing key or department, at our option, shall be charged ($15.00 for key not returned) for replacement and for other affected keys and door locks ($7.50 for redoing lock mechanism). Individual must submit letter to physical plant indicating what actions they have taken to retrieve keys. This will help UPD in their investigations, if warranted.


- To Obtain a lock: Contact Physical Plant, ext. 3312.

The Grounds/ General Services shop of the Physical Plant Department can accommodate small-scale moving projects, under certain conditions. The Department also is available to assist with the procurement of private moving services for large-scale projects.

To request moving services, contact Service Crew, Superintendent, ext. 3214.

The maintenance and operation of campus parking lots are a done through the Grounds Superintendent, ext. 2134.

Questions regarding either maintenance or operation of campus parking lots should be referred to the Superintendent, Grounds/ General Services, ext. 3214.

The Building Maintenance department of the Physical Plant provides an exterminator service to control rodents, insects and other pests in campus buildings.

To obtain pest-control service, Grounds/Service Crew, Superintendent ext. 3214.

Please Note: The use of household or commercial pest-control products is prohibited. To ensure proper and safe treatment, licensed professionals should perform all pest-control applications

The Utilities, Superintendent manages the operation of the Plumbing shop on campus.

- Broken pipes and leaks should be reported to the Service Desk, ext. 3312.

Contact Physical Plant About recycling

The first step in all minor and major renovation projects on campus is to communicate with the department chair/division director. Then a EP-1 form entitled Request for a Proposed Construction Project should be completed and signed by the department chair, dean or vice president, as appropriate. This form is available from the Facilities Planning & Construction Office. The Director of Facilities Planning & Construction must review and approve all requests for renovations, remodeling and alterations. Once approval has been obtained, the Physical Plant Department can assume responsibility for planning all renovations, alterations and improvements to academic, research, office and support areas to accommodate restructuring and new programs. Projects either are performed by in-house staff or contracted to a private firm, depending on the size of the undertaking and availability of personnel.

Elective Projects and Services
Besides renovations and alterations, the Physical Plant Department also provides such elective service as special painting and decorating, the fabrication and installation of cabinet and shelves, and special lighting installations. Such projects must be scheduled in advance and are charged to the requesting department or division.

To schedule elective service, contact the service desk at ext. 3312

Campus restrooms are cleaned and stocked daily by Custodial Services personnel. - Any discrepancies or problems with restroom upkeep should be directed to Custodial Services, Superintendent, ext. 3296.

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all indoor and outdoor signs on campus. Texas A&M University regulations prohibit attaching signs, posters and handbills to buildings, windows, doors, trees and trash containers. Physical Plant personnel are authorized to remove all unauthorized signs. Painting and writing on walls, roads and walkways also are prohibited. Signs approved for display are charged to the requesting department or division.

Requests for signs should be submitted in writing to Building Maintenance, Superintendent, ext. 3291 fax: 2669

Notice of Weather Related Emergencies

It is university policy to make every attempt to remain open during adverse weather conditions.

To find out if the campus is closed during extreme weather conditions, call the University Police at (361) 593-2611.

The allocation of space on campus is divided into use categories, relating to teaching, research, faculty/departmental/administrative offices and special programs and events.

Academic year classroom allocations are made through the Division of Academic Affairs. For questions relating to the need for classroom space during the academic year, contact Pam Trant, ext. 3108.

Summer Session classroom allocations are made by the Summer Session program director. Questions regarding the allocation of Summer Session classrooms should be referred to the Office of Academic Affairs, ext. 3108.

Faculty Offices & Research Laboratories
The allocation of research space and faculty offices is under the jurisdiction of the respective dean and departmental chair. Approval for such allocations also must be obtained from the campus' Space Committee. Matters relating to research laboratories or faculty offices should be referred to the appropriate departmental chair.

Administrative Offices
Departmental directors maintain responsibility for the allocation of administrative offices within their units. The campus Space Committee must approve requests for office space beyond the unit's current facility allotment.

Special Programs and Events
A variety of lecture, conference and other special-service rooms are available on campus to schedule for special events.

To reserve space within a particular academic building for events such as lecture series and workshops, contact either the department chair or division director.

An Event Project Coordinator will be assigned by the Physical Plant in support of each Special Event to provide planning and coordination of All Physical Plant services for high profile, large-scale events on the University Campus.   Typically, the Physical Plant Project Coordinator of each Special Event will Require at least two weeks lead-time.

To arrange service for special events, contact the Physical Plant Administrative Office at ext. 3313/3312. A Physical Plant Event Project coordinator will be assigned.

The Office of Computing/Information Services maintains jurisdiction over all telephone service on campus.

To report a telephone service problem or to request a repair or order new telephone service, contact ext. 4357.

Telephone Directories

Telephone directories are available for staff and faculty through the telephone coordinator.

To obtain a particular telephone directory, ext. 4357.

To obtain a faculty/staff directory, ext. 4357.

To have a room unlocked when a key has been lost, call University Police, ext. 2611. Please be aware, proper identification is required to grant access to any locked area on campus.

To gain access to a restricted room and/or area for a special event, contact University Police at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Payment for the services provided by the Physical Plant Department generally falls into one of two categories, those paid for by the university operating budget and those charged to the college/department/division requesting the service. State funds may be spent on E&G (Education & General) buildings. State funds may not be spent on Auxiliary Enterprise buildings.

Services Normally provided by the University Budget

Most building maintenance services, such as custodial services, trash collection, and repairs to walls, windows, roofs, ceilings, floors, elevators and hardware;

  • Repair and service of utility distribution systems, including heat, water, gas, compressed air, electricity, air handling systems, and waste water treatment, but excluding cable television and telephone;
  • Repair and service to air conditioning units originally installed as part of a building;
  • Repair of walks, roads, curbs, street lights and storm sewers;
  • Care of lawns, tress and shrubs;
  • Periodic renovations, such as painting and floor tile replacement

Services Normally Charged to the Requesting Department

  • Repairs to departmental equipment and property;
  • Service to refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment and utility services installed at the request of the department;
  • Remodeling or moving of furniture and/or equipment that is made at the request of a department and is not part of an overall campus project;
  • Installation of research or instructional equipment or machinery, including utility support systems;
  • Special requests for painting or other decorating services;
  • Services to prepare for special events, along with the necessary cleanup following these events.

- Questions regarding charges and billing should be directed to Director Physical Plant, ext. 4220.