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This page provides a search interface for listing the classes offered for TAMUK ONLY in a certain term.

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Instructions: Using the search form, you may list all the courses for a particular term or select specific courses by specifying some search criteria. You have the option of selecting courses by a particular Term, College, Department and/or Instructor. 
College is the college in which the course is taught. Department is a four character code which identifies the department in which the course is taught. Instructor is a 15 character field composed of the instructor's last name and first initial.

Example 1: To list all the courses for Fall 2012 for the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences select "Fall 2012 ..." in the Term listbox and select Agriculture and Human Sciences in the College listbox.   Then press the Search button.

Example 2: To search for classes by a particular instructor, type the first few letters of the instructor's last name in the Instructor textbox. The result will contain all classes taught in that semester by instructors whose last names start with the letters you typed. The search can be more specific by typing more of the name.

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