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Texas A&M-Kingsville faculty member receives international award

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Dr. Albert Rodriguez with his medal

Dr. Albert Rodriguez with his medal

KINGSVILLE (June 2, 2023) — Dr. Alberto Rodriguez, associate professor of history and the founding director of the Mexican American Studies Institute at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, is the recipient of the Captain Alonso de León Steel Medal for Historical Merit in its International category for 2023.


The Captain Alonso de León Steel Medal for Historical Merit in its International category is an award given by the Nuevoleonesa Society of History, Geography and Statistics (SNHGE) to distinguished individuals in the field of international history. The medal is named after Captain Alonso de León, a Spanish explorer and military officer who played a crucial role in the colonization and exploration of the Nuevo León region in the 17th century.


Rodriguez holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston in 20th century American history with a minor in women's studies and teaches courses on Latina/o history, Mexican-American history, Chicana/o history, Texas history and African-American history. He is a native of the Rio Grande Valley and a first-generation college student.


The Captain Alonso de León Steel Medal for Historical Merit is granted to individuals, institutions or projects that have made significant contributions to the study, research or dissemination of history, geography or culture in general, both in Nuevo León and other regions of the world. The International category recognizes the scope and relevance of the achievements of the recipient beyond the borders of Mexico.


About the Sociedad Nuevoleonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística

The Sociedad Nuevoleonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística (SNHGE) is a prominent academic and cultural institution based in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico. It was founded May 17, 1942, and has since played a vital role in researching, studying and disseminating history, geography and statistics related to the region of Nuevo León.


The SNHGE's main objective is to promote knowledge and appreciation of Nuevoleonesa history and culture. To achieve this, it engages in various activities such as historical research, publications, conferences, exhibitions and colloquiums. The society also closely collaborates with educational institutions, museums and other cultural organizations to foster the preservation and dissemination of Nuevo León's historical and geographical heritage.


The SNHGE publishes notable works such as the Revista de Historia y Geografía (Journal of History and Geography) and the Anuario Estadístico de Nuevo León (Statistical Yearbook of Nuevo León). These publications serve as important sources for academics, historians, geographers and scholars interested in the historical and geographical development of Nuevo León and its surroundings.


The SNHGE has a membership composed of academics, professionals, students and individuals interested in the history and geography of Nuevo León. The society encourages active participation from its members in its activities and promotes research and knowledge dissemination in these disciplines.



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