IT Standard Administrative Procedures

The Texas A&M University-Kingsville provides resources and services to faculty, staff, students and guests. iTech procedures articulate the university's vision, strategy, and principles as they relate to the use of information and information technology resources. iTech procedures interpret applicable laws and regulations and ensure that the procedures are consistent with legal and contractual requirements. In addition, iTech procedures specify requirements and standards for the consistent use of information resources across the university

Note: The procedures noted below apply to the entire University community and its guests.

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29.01.99.K1.000 Standard Administrative Procedure Definitions  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.005 Administration of Information Resource Security Standards  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.010 Acceptable Use Standard Administrative Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.020 Account Management Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.030 Administrative Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.040 Backup Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.050 Change Management Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.060 E-mail Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.063 Alumni Email Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.065 Retiree E-mail  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.070 Incident Management Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.080 Internet Usage Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.090 Intrusion Detection Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.100 Network Access Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.110 Network Configuration Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.120 Password Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.130 Physical Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.140 Portable Computing Security SAP  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.150 Privacy Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.160 Security Monitoring Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.165 Firewall Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.170 Security Training Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.175 New Server Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.180 Server Hardening Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.185 Data Classification Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.190 Software Licensing Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.200 Systems Development Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.210 Third Party Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.220 Antivirus Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.230 Risk Management of Information Resources Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.235 Vulnerability Management Standard  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.240 Computer Classroom/Lab Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.260 Institutional Data Management Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.270 IT Hardware and Software Standards  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.280 IT Project Management Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.290 Wireless Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.300 Application Security Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.305 Encryption Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.400 Student Information System Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.410 Student Information System Change Management Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.420 Student Information System Developer Access Procedure  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.430 Multi Factor Authentication  Printable PDF

29.01.99.K1.440 Screen Locking Procedure  Printable PDF

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