Continuing Education



Texas A&M University-Kingsville will offer digital badges starting Fall 2022.  The TAMUK Center for Continuing Education office will be the source of information and registration.


What is a digital badge? Throughout their time at TAMUK, students are acquiring skills and knowledge important to their career path. Digital badges have become the way businesses check on a student’s level of professionalism and job skills/abilities. While pursuing a degree or certificate, students can leverage microcredentials and digital badges to find part-time employment, internships, and work-study programs that propel their learning and career pathways.

Here is a short video with more information - 

TAMUK students are provided so much more than just academics. We provide educational experiences and skills. Our goal is to have each student complete their time with us as a well rounded, productive, and career ready individual. 

If you would like to incorporate a digital badge into your course all you will need to do is submit a proposal form. The video below explains how to fill out the form. If you have any questions, please email

 Digital Badge Proposal Form



As a student we learn more than just academics in our courses. By participating in a badging program associated with certain (or specific) courses, you will then be able to provide proof of everything that you have learned including specialized equipment or a specific skill associated with a degree. These educational experiences are important to our professional futures. By participating in a badging program associated with certain courses, you will now be able have proof of EVERYTHING that you have learned. 

Below are a list of digital badges offered at TAMUK.


Once you have completed all requirements to receive a badge you will be issued the badge via email. Once you have created a free account and accepted your badge you can now SHARE it. 

For more information on all the ways to share your badge, please watch the video below.