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Our Staff

Dr. Steven J. Corbett, Director

Welcome to the UWC, everyone! I’ve worked in and for writing centers—from community colleges, to large research universities—since 1997. I am the author of Beyond Dichotomy: Synergizing Writing Center and Classroom Pedagogies, and co-editor (with Michelle LaFrance and Teagan E. Decker) of the collection Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Theory and Practice in Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom and (with Michelle LaFrance) the forthcoming anthology Student Peer Review and Response: A Critical Sourcebook. My work in writing studies research and pedagogy has appeared in a variety of academic journals and collections. I am also an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Language and Literature.



Our Tutors

Katherine Villarreal, Shift Supervisor, Social Media Director, UWC WordPress Chief Blogger

Hullooo, my name is Katherine Villarreal and I am a full-bred Tejana from Laredo, Texas. I am an undergraduate tutor pursuing a degree in Early Childhood K-6, as well as writing for the Jnet Bloggers for Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Writing has always been a huge love of mine, as well as reading and singing. I've grown up with the world of R.L Stine to keep me imaginative, the soulful bliss of Stevie Nicks, and the strong foundation of family that allows me to love what I do every day! I hope to help not only improve writing strengths but create an unyielding confidence in oneself. Trusting yourself when it comes to writing is the first step to becoming a terrific writer! I also attend to the Word Press blog for the UWC and the social media sites of Instagram and Twitter, making sure all our clients are up to date on our fun comings and goings here! I have two dogs named Maple and Avocado, and have an unrelenting love for Polaroid instant photography. Let us know what your passions are! I can't wait to see who I can help next!


Michael Cardoza, Writing Consultant

My name is Michael Cardoza. I was born and raised in Kingsville, Texas (yes I know where the good places to eat are). I am a double major in History and political science, with a minor in philosophy. What year I am in college is sort of a weird subject. By time spent here I am a freshman, but I have enough credits to be a sophomore. I have always loved writing, my mom is an English teacher, so I guess that makes sense. She taught me how to read and write at a very young age, and I instantly fell in love with both. I love my job here and I look forward to helping anyone that schedules an appointment with me.


Daycie Danika, Writing Consultant

Hello! My name is Daycie Danika. My name is a bit odd, but feel free to call me Daycee, Daisy, or Dani. I’m a junior student at TAMUK University and I am majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy. I am Secretary to Sigma Tau Delta, which is an English Honors Society. I’m from San Benito, Texas and love going to the beach. I love dogs and animals in general. I am new to the Writing Center and I’m learning along the way, but making sure each student has a quality session is my main goal when the session ends.


Landy Garcia, Writing Consultant

Hi! My name is Landy Garcia. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I am from a small town, named Santa Maria, TX. My main goal is to open up my own firm, and work with other engineers. As I am in the process of accomplishing what I desire, I am an active member of Chi Beta Delta, a sisterhood that’s main focus is to serve the community. Working at the University Writing Center has been an outstanding journey. I enjoy sharing writing techniques, and learning from every student. I do not believe that there are bad writers, just authors who have yet to be discovered.



Julio Martinez, Writing Consultant

Salutations! I am Julio Martinez. I’m a graduate student in the field of Cultural Studies, and I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology. I graduated from Premont, Texas as salutatorian of my class, and I’ve been coming to this university since 2009. I started my job as a tutor over a year ago. The arts are a big part of my life whether I’m writing poetry or acting in theater, so I refined the skill of critical thinking and storytelling. Using what I learned I try to pass these on in my sessions as well, so I can help people develop a sense of critical thought and how to create sentences that flow.


Katie Spencer, Writing Consultant

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Spencer. I am a junior here at TAMUK pursuing a major in history and a minor in psychology. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX. I have always had a passion for writing and helping others, so the writing center is the best of both worlds! (Yes that was in fact a very poorly made Hannah Montana reference.) I am also a dance instructor and a member of the Javelina Sapphires, which keeps me pretty busy. When I am not in class or working, I enjoy playing video games, dancing, reading, and watching videos on YouTube. As I type this, I am being eyeballed by one of my four cats, which is her way of telling me to wrap it up! I can’t wait to work with you!