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Welcome to the UWC, everyone! My name is Dr. Steven J. Corbett, and I’ve worked in and for writing centers—from community colleges, to large research universities—since 1997. I am the author of Beyond Dichotomy: Synergizing Writing Center and Classroom Pedagogies, and co-editor of the collections Peer Pressure, Peer Power: Theory and Practice in Peer Review and Response for the Writing Classroom (with Michelle LaFrance and Teagan E. Decker), Student Peer Review and Response: A Critical Sourcebook (with Michelle LaFrance), and Writing in and about the Performing and Visual Arts: Creating, Performing, and Teaching (with Jennifer Lin LeMesurier, Teagan E. Decker, and Betsy Cooper). My work in writing studies research and pedagogy has appeared in a variety of academic journals, periodicals, and collections. I am also an Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Language and Literature.

Administrative Assistants

Hey, my name is Patrick Brooks. I love sports, and I love to play sports. The Houston Texans are my football team, and Dwyane Wade is my favorite basketball player. I love to talk sports, and sometimes I like to engage in political and philosophical debates. I occasionally have a habit of zoning out. If it happens while I’m talking to you, feel free to yell at me to scare me. Oh, and school is cool too.

Hello! My name is Marshall Walston, and I am the Head Administrative Assistant here at the University Writing Center (UWC). I am majoring in Business Management and am on track to graduate in Fall 2019. I have been here at the UWC since March 2016. I am from Austin, Texas where I grew up and graduated from Lake Travis High School in 2014, with a focus on engineering and industrial design. I have attended the International Writing Center Association Conference in Chicago in 2017, and the National Writing Centers Association Conference in South Padre Island in 2018. I’ve got three dogs, Maple, Avocado, and Pizza. I also volunteer and foster for our local rescue, Kingsville Animal Advocates.



Hey there I’m Shelby Coalson, and I am currently struggling … I mean studying to be a Civil Engineer. I was created in Harlingen, Texas in the late 1990s. I have survived not only my freshman year of college but through several hurricanes (and from experience I can tell you the two are very similar). Through the years I have seen rising water come closer and closer to my front door. As a result I actually want to go back and rebuild a stronger safer community. Working in the University Writing Center has shown me that sometimes our weaknesses don’t make us weak. I have spent years collecting tips and tricks to work through my learning disabilities, and I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Yet, unexpectedly, what I enjoy most is the time I have spent with my fellow Javelina students and the different stories I have had the privilege of reading.  😸

Hello, my name is Landy Garcia and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a double minor in Business and Mathematics. I come from a small town, named Santa Maria, TX. My main goal is to open up my own firm, and work with other engineers. Although I am an engineer major, I have been working for the UWC for three years now, therefore I feel capable of teaching many writing techniques that could be useful to you.  Working at the University Writing Center has been an outstanding journey that has helped me not only become a better writer, but a better professional as well. I love my job and enjoy sharing writing techniques, as well as learning from every student. I do not believe that there are bad writers, just authors who have yet to be discovered.

Hi, my name is Adrian Garza, and I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas. I’m currently minor-less, but nevertheless, I’m enrolled here at Texas A&M University-Kingsville to get a BS in Mechanical Engineering. My long term goal would be to combine a specialization in acoustics and audio creation/recording. This would allow me to work in the field of design for recording studios, concert halls, auditoriums, etc.; all while having the option/skill to step inside the studio and work on either side of the mic for an intended someone or purely for my own enjoyment. Self-care seems to be an issue that has risen in the last few years, and in my opinion there isn’t a better way to care for your personality and headspace more than bettering yourself every single day. If you push yourself to achieve the “impossible” you’ll notice that, with enough time and energy, anything can be as inevitable as you want it to be. For some of us, this is writing essays! If writing essays are ridiculously hard for you and you want to be a better version of you, then sign up for a time slot with me at the University Writing Center! Working at the Writing Center has changed the way I approach every situation I face today. Although, I’m relatively new to the office, I was welcomed with warmth and authenticity, and I/we promise to welcome you in the same fashion. I want to see each and every one of our clients succeed and strive for more in whatever interests/passions you may have. Thanks for your time, and we’ll see you soon. JavAGoodDay!

Hello! My name is Alec Gonzales, and I’m from a small town you may have heard of, called Kingsville, TX. Currently, I’m an honors student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, with a minor in math, business, and security engineering. While engineering is my degree, writing, more specifically screenwriting, is absolutely one of my passions. I have many aspirations and arguably my largest one is to one day put a movie on the big screen! Outside of writing and work, I enjoy spending time at the rec, on the tennis courts as one of the presidents of the TAMUK Tennis club, playing video games, learning, and constantly scouring Amazon and filling my cart with things I don’t need - but absolutely do. I love my job here at the writing center, and I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and love for writing with everyone that comes in!

Hi! My name is Maria Johnston, but most people just call me Mary. I am a senior Animal Science major with a focus on Pre-Veterinary Medicine. As you can tell by my major, I am an animal lover. I grew up on a ranch just north of Kingsville in the small town of Three Rivers, TX. There my family raises livestock such as horses, cattle, chickens, and even a duck, so I am just your average small-town country girl. I chose to work for the writing center because I have always had a passion for helping others. I love seeing my fellow students succeed and be the best they can be, so what better way to do that then help them with their writing? I think it is important for everyone to be able to develop the skills to be the best writers they can be.

Hey! My name is Alejandra M. Moz. I was born in El Salvador, but now live in Houston, TX. I am an Environmental Engineering major with a minor in Geology. With this, I hope to go into the field of restoration and conservation. I am also an active member of Chi Beta Delta, a community service based sisterhood. Working at the University Writing Center has allowed me to improve my own writing as I share techniques, tips, and tricks with other students. I truly enjoy the experience of helping and learning from others as they submerge themselves into the Culture of Writing. Apart from work, I love photography, food, and exploring, but I am also down for binge watching shows on my couch all day.  🐼

Hello, my name is Keshawn Paul. I am a Pre-Physical therapy student here at Texas A&M University, Kingsville. I come from a small town named La Pryor that only consists of about 1,000-2,000 people. I grew up in the country, even though my clothing of choice does not reflect that. I am a country boy at heart. I love being outdoors fishing, kayaking and camping. I am currently a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity, which promotes friendship, develops character and, lastly, advances social justice. Working at the writing center has been a great experience for me. I enjoy helping people tweak their essays and giving them the best advice possible in order to complete their assignments.

Hello, my name is Alicia Ramos. I am a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with a minor in Chemistry. I am from Houston Texas, which is a big city full of opportunities in the medical field. The writing center is a great opportunity as well because I want to help other students in their own writing. I want the student to know that even a great writer needs another pair of eyes to catch any mistakes or have some guidance in their writing. I am here to help and make the students feel as if coming to the writing center is going to the doctor for a monthly check up to make sure everything is all right.

Hi, my name is Benjamin Rivas. I’m a mechanical engineer here at Texas A&M University, Kingsville. My main goal is to design oil rigs. I’m a part of the Delta Chi fraternity where we have events and help raise money for the Jimmy V foundation, a cancer organization. I work here at the writing center because reading and writing are one of my passions. There are various things that you can do with simple words and that I enjoy. Whether to inform, persuade or entertain, the possibilities are endless. The power to express your feelings and thoughts into words can maintain them for the rest of time.

Hello, my name is Katherine Villarreal and I am from Laredo, Texas. I have been a tutor for the writing center for 3 years, where I am pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies EC-6 degree. I live at home with my boyfriend of 4 years in Kingsville with our 3 dogs, Maple, Pizza, and Avocado and foster puppies for Kingsville Animal Advocates. I foster, transport, and rescue dogs from our local kill shelter on the euthanasia list. You can find me taking pictures of the dogs at the pound or driving to and fro with a pack of animals in my car. I enjoy listening to Lana del Rey and Marina and the Diamonds at any given moment or if I want to hype myself up, I listen to Vince Staples, Travis Scott or Kendrick Lamar. I hope to one day open my own nonprofit no-kill animal shelter and teach in low-income districts focusing on ELL students’ success in higher education. I love being able to share my thoughts on writing and hope you can leave the center with more confidence in yourself. If you don't feel like doing that, then we can also just hang out watch Netflix or something until you're ready to write. When you come and visit us, we cater to your needs or the needs of your paper no matter what. Looking forward to working with you! 

Hi y'all! My name is Linda Williams, and I am an education major here at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. I have enjoyed writing for the majority of my life but, as I have worked here at the Writing Center, I have developed an even greater joy for it. I have come to find that writing is as unique as the writer; bad writing does not exist, and writing is definitely a muscle that can be strengthened over time. Aside from working here at The Writing Center, I am an avid member of Chi Alpha Ministries and spend the majority of my time loving the campus and its people with them.