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UWC Mission Statement

At the University Writing Center (UWC), we believe writing is more than just a tool. It is a skill every citizen needs, and a craft every student should hone. Our challenge as peer Writing Consultants is to collaboratively assist fellow writers in all stages of the writing process, from generating ideas to editing and proofreading. We meet each writer where she or he is, with respect for individual learning styles. We share with fellow writers the tools necessary to improve her or his writing process, while fostering interactions between peer learners that benefit both the writer and the writing consultant. At the UWC, everyone is a valued colleague in our culture of writing. 

UWC Student Learning Outcomes

Students who utilize the University Writing Center will:

  1. Understand writing as a complex meaning-making process, one that requires writers to develop strategies for generating, developing, supporting, and organizing ideas; finding, evaluating, and integrating sources; citing and documenting research; globally revising for clarity, coherence, and concision; and locally proofreading and editing for grammar, mechanics, spelling, and style.
  2. Recognize the unique rhetorical situation of every writing task - that any piece of writing is addressed to a specific audience, for a specific purpose, on a specific subject, within a specific context.
  3. Become aware of discipline-specific conventions that govern academic writing in various discourse communities, i.e., the sciences, the social sciences, and the liberal arts and humanities. 
  4. Learn to manage the time, effort, and attention necessary to complete academic writing projects. 
  5. Gain confidence in their writing abilities.