Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Evacuation Checklist

Things You Need To Know When Being Evacuated

Evacuation outside the storm area is always recommended during a hurricane as the best possible alternative. If classes are canceled, all students are to seek safety through evacuation.

Students who have their own transportation are strongly encouraged to take other students with them to assist in the evacuation process.

Limited temporary shelter will be provided only to university students who have no other means of transportation.

Conditions in a shelter are not ideal. Students can expect to share an open gym floor without cots in a non-air

conditioned building with extremely limited resources. Working bathrooms are available but could become

disabled as a result of the storm. On-campus students that have no other means to evacuate will be transported to

Laredo by bus or van. There no return date set at this time.

Preparations Before Leaving:

• Unplug all equipment, especially computers. Take special precautions with food in your refrigerator.

• Make sure windows are closed. Move valuable items away from windows.

• Inform your family members where you are going. If you live on campus let your RA or the front desk know that you are leaving.

• Because accommodations and food may be limited, take a bath and eat before you leave home.

• Space is very limited, so pack wisely. You may only bring a backpack or small carry on bag.

Things to Take:

• A complete change of clothing, including foot ware.

• Bedding including a pillow.

• Personal toiletries such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, small towel, etc.

• Medications which are clearly marked with your name, dosage, type and prescribing physician.

• Baby supplies if needed.

• Special dietary foods – such as diabetic, low salt, liquid diet, and baby food and formula.

• Important papers such as driver’s license, student ID, social security card, insurance policies, International student documents (visa, passport, etc.).

Things not allowed:

• Remember, space is very limited so you may not bring any non-essential items (stereos, stuffed animals, bulky items, etc.).

• No pets, alcoholic beverages, or weapons.

When arriving at the shelter:

• Register immediately

• Comply with staff directives

• Follow shelter rules

• Be courteous and patient with each other

• Help keep the facility safe and sanitary

This page was last updated on: May 11, 2015