Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans

Promoting Postbaccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans

Texas A&M University - Kingsville has two PPOHA Grants.

PPOHA-I                                                                             PPOHA-II
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This Title V grant project has been designed with the goal of improving graduate student success at TAMU-Kingsville while strengthening institutional capacity through investments in classroom technology and scientific equipment and relevant professional development.  These steps are of primary importance as scholarship support is provided to cohorts of master’s and doctoral students, mentorship capacity is strengthened and opportunities are provided, skills essential to success after degree completion are developed and classrooms used for graduate education and research are upgraded.

The PPOHA grants support the TAMU-Kingsville College of Graduate Studies Mission and Vision:

  • To effectively administer an academic structure of quality graduate programs which provides the means for students to foster creativity, critical thinking, research, and analysis at the master’s and doctoral levels in agriculture and human sciences, arts and sciences, business administration, education, and engineering.
  • To provide an intellectually challenging education with high academic standards so as to meet the occupational, intellectual, and cultural needs of its students.


Activity 1 Narrative:  Supporting Graduate Student Success at Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Supporting New and Continuing Graduate Students with Graduate Scholarships.

To alleviate financial pressures on graduate students and enhance TAMU-K’s ability to support new and continuing graduate students at the master’s and doctoral levels, four master’s and three doctoral cohorts will receive scholarships during the fall and spring semester at TAMU-K.  Master’s cohorts will receive $1,000 and doctoral cohorts will receive $1,500 per long term (fall and spring) to offset the rising costs of attendance and bridge the affordability gap.  Students will be eligible for two years of funding if participating in a master’s program and three years of funding if participating in a doctoral program.  Master’s cohorts will be identified in years 1, 2, 3, and 4 and doctoral cohorts will be identified in years 1, 2, and 3.

Develop Graduate Student Education and Employability Skills.

To improve graduate student success in the classroom and upon degree completion, cohorts will be expected to successfully complete a research methodology course appropriate to their field of study, participate in monthly seminars designed to enhance future employability and attend and/or participate in a local research symposium held on the TAMU-K campus and in the TAMU System Pathways to the Doctorate Symposium, held annually on a TAMU system campus.
Success completion of a research methodologies course appropriate to the field of study is key to one’s eventual completion of the thesis or dissertation.  This course introduces graduate students to different methods of inquiry, including but not limited to both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Participants will also receive instruction which will help them develop writing and organization skills appropriate to publication and presentation (e.g., writing an abstract) and competing for internal and external funding.

Activity 2 Narrative:  Building Capacity in Graduate Education at TAMU-Kingsville.

 Campus-wide Initiative Enhancing Graduation Education Programs.  Funds are requested annually to support two initiatives supporting all TAMU-K graduate programs.  The Texas digital Library is a multi-university consortium providing the digital infrastructure to support a fully online community in Texas.  Providing access to this program will strengthen all graduate programs at TAMU-K through:

  • The increased accessibility of the scholarly work produced at member institutions;
  • The on-going preservation of intellectual assets for future generations of researchers, teachers, students, and scholars;
  • The reduction of cost burdens through the sharing of monetary and technical resources;
  • The creation of a platform for innovation and improvement of scholarly communication tools and processes; and A competitive advantage for seeking research funding.

In addition, an annual campus subscription to turnitin® will be supported by this project.  While initially promoted as a tool enhancing academic integrity, faculty are finding turnitin® to be a powerful tool enhancing student writing skill development which promotes critical thinking and accelerates learning.  It checks student work for originality and encourages proper citation of the primary literature.  This tool will, no doubt, ease fears and concerns which often develop among new graduate students as they transition from the undergraduate to graduate curriculum, often uncertain as to differences they will encounter with respect to instructor expectations.

We are no longer accepting applications for the PPOHA Program

Upgrading classrooms and Laboratories used for Graduate Study and Research

To provide access to 21st century graduate education classrooms, funds are requested to equip intelligent classrooms at TAMU-K with projectors and presentation screens, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, computers and printers.  This format combines computer systems with electronics and accessories and responds to shifts in students’ learning styles as they experience what has been described as mediated immersion, a concept based on learning styles emerging as neomillennial students populate our campus.  By investing in intelligent classrooms, this project will help TAMU-K faculty develop a new mindset for education in their courses by combining the potential of the computer and new communication platforms with pedagogical transformations needed to respond to the education needs of today’s learners.


Geosciences Upgrade

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