Financial Literacy Title V I-CARE Grant


Texas A&M University-Kingsville received a five year Title V grant from the US Department of Education starting October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2020 through a competitive grant process.  The overall theme of the grant is to integrate undergraduate research into all five colleges at the university freshmen through senior level classes and students will be encouraged to participate in national scholarships   and fellowships.

Goal 1:  Enhance career outcomes by increasing the number of underrepresented students that plan for experiential learning and scholarly research activities

                  The three main program components of Goal 1 will focuses on National Scholarships and Fellowships, Academic Career Literacy, and Financial Literacy.  The grant objectives will provide information on National Scholarship programs and provide students with information on how to apply, create personal statements, compose curriculum vitae and successfully apply to National Scholarships and fellowships.  Grant objectives will work toward increasing the number of high-need students who received academic career literacy and financial literacy information.  Enhanced career counseling and student guidance will be a focus of this grant goal.

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