Supplemental Instruction Leader, Tutor, and Mentor Professional Development

SI Leader, Tutor, and Mentor Professional Development


The Center for Student Success hosted an AVID professional development for Tutors, SI Leaders, and Peer Mentors on September 29 at the Memorial Student Union Building.  Jonathan Grant Brown was the guest presenter and kept the students highly engaged and motivated.  He began with his own personal testimony and how AVID helped him to stay focused. 

The first half of training was geared toward Tutors and SI Leaders with AVID strategies to help hold successful tutoring sessions.  The tutors and SI leaders learned different techniques that will help them and their students.  The second half of training was geared towards Peer Mentoring and building relationships with students in order for them to feel comfortable in a college environment.  Overall, the training was highly successful and the Center for Student Success looks forward to the upcoming professional development sessions.


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