Academic Career Literacy Program

The Academic Career Literacy program helps students make life-changing decisions and affirms their individuality. It is a great way to explore all the academic programs before declaring a major.


This program is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The mission is to develop and expand Texas A&M University-Kingsville's capacity to support students, families and the communities they live in through the development of support and innovative programs, best practices and services designed to encourage learning and empower learners.

Program Information

Students have the opportunity to meet with a professional career expert and peer educators as often as needed. During these appointments, the student can expect to explore their strengths and passions in connection to the world-of-work.

The exploration process begins with a questionnaire and a computer assessment. Students also have the opportunity to interview university professors and peer educators pursuing their field of interest. In addition, they may participate in campus events, complete online research, or attend a class lecture in a prospective major to help narrow down their choice of study.

After you assess yourself, explore your options and decide on a major, the next step is to identify resources that will help you reach your goal, such as scholarships and professional development opportunities.

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Amanda Galvan, M.S., LPC at the Jernigan Library, 2nd Floor Rm 225




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