DegreeWorks Audit View

Any time you login to DegreeWorks, your degree evaluation (also known as an “audit”) automatically loads under the Worksheets tab.

 Demographic Block

The first block of information that you see in your audit is your demographic block, which consists of three columns:

  • The first column displays your:  Name, ID, Level, Classification, Advisor, and TSI Status.
  • Your TSI Status indicates whether you are eligible to take college-level courses due to test scores, such as THEA, T-COMP, SAT, ACT, etc. If your TSI Overall Status indicates that you are Not College Ready, it will indicate which area you are pending, such as Reading, Math, or Writing.
    • If you have any questions concerning your TSI status, please visit your academic advisor.
  • The second column displays your: Level, College, Degree, Major, Minor, Concentration, and TSI Status.
  • The third column displays your:  TAMUK GPA, TAMUK Hours, Transfer Hours, Overall Hours, Overall GPA,  Academic Standing, and Registration Holds. 


Degree Progress

The Degree Progress bar displays the percentage of how much you have completed towards graduation, in relation to the degree plan that you have declared with the Registrar’s Office. This percentage does not include your in-progress courses.



This section displays the meaning of each symbol used within the audit blocks below.


Degree Summary Block

After the legend, you can see your degree summary block, which serves as a general checklist block for the entire audit. The first cluster of information stating “Unmet conditions for this set of requirements” displays the credit and GPA requirements needed to graduate from TAMUK.

You can also see a checklist line for several of the blocks that will be covered in detail, below, in the audit. There will be a checklist line for the core curriculum, major, minor or concentration, additional requirements, and the foreign language graduation requirement. Also, if applicable to your degree plan, you can see the writing intensive course requirement and foreign language/study abroad requirement blocks.


Block Information

Each block within the audit is separated by a blue line stating the specific block’s name. In addition to displaying your catalog year on the right side, you can also see your GPA for that specific block. For some of the blocks, such as the major block, you can also see the credits required and the credits applied.

Core Curriculum Block

The block following the degree summary block is the core curriculum block. On the left side, are the different areas that fall under the core curriculum, such as Rhetoric and Composition, Communications, Mathematics, etc. On the right side, are the classes that pertain to each of the areas listed on the left. For example, in order to complete the core curriculum area for Rhetoric and Composition, you must complete English 1301 and 1302.


Specific Degree Requirements Blocks

After the core curriculum block, you can see other requirement blocks that are specific to your degree plan.

Your major, minor/concentration/certification, and additional requirement blocks are similar to the core curriculum block, displaying the areas under each of the blocks on the left column and the classes specific to each of the areas on the right column.

Also, if applicable to your degree plan, you can see the Foreign Language Requirements block. This degree requirement is only applicable to certain degree plans under the College of Arts and Sciences.


Additional Information Blocks

The final three blocks display information concerning:

  • Additional Courses- are courses that might have been taken in another university/college or at TAMUK but do not fit any requirement in your degree plan.
  • Insufficient- are courses that include developmental classes and other courses for which no credit was received, such as classes in which you earned an “F,” a “W,” or a “D” (in certain cases).
  • In-Progress- are courses you are currently enrolled in this semester.
  • Courses Not Used- courses that do not count towards anything in your degree plan and cannot be used for any exceptions or substitutions. 



This section provides the disclaimer that the audit is not an official transcript.