Who Pays for Physical Plant Services

Payment for the services provided by the Physical Plant Department generally falls into one of two categories, those paid for by the university operating budget and those charged to the college/department/division requesting the service. State funds may be spent on E&G (Education & General) buildings. State funds may not be spent on Auxiliary Enterprise buildings.

Services Normally provided by the University Budget

Most building maintenance services, such as custodial services, trash collection, and repairs to walls, windows, roofs, ceilings, floors, elevators and hardware;

* Repair and service of utility distribution systems, including heat, water, gas, compressed air, electricity, air handling systems, and waste water treatment, but excluding cable television and telephone;
* Repair and service to air conditioning units originally installed as part of a building;
* Repair of walks, roads, curbs, street lights and storm sewers;
* Care of lawns, tress and shrubs;
* Periodic renovations, such as painting and floor tile replacement.

Services Normally Charged to the Requesting Department

* Repairs to departmental equipment and property;
* Service to refrigeration equipment, air conditioning equipment and utility services installed at the request of the department;
* Remodeling or moving of furniture and/or equipment that is made at the request of a department and is not part of an overall campus project;
* Installation of research or instructional equipment or machinery, including utility support systems;
* Special requests for painting or other decorating services;
* Services to prepare for special events, along with the necessary cleanup following these events.

- Questions regarding charges and billing should be directed to Director Physical Plant, ext. 4220.

This page was last updated on: November 3, 2015