Space Allocations/Facilities Resources

The allocation of space on campus is divided into use categories, relating to teaching, research, faculty/departmental/administrative offices and special programs and events.

Academic year classroom allocations are made through the Division of Academic Affairs. For questions relating to the need for classroom space during the academic year, contact Pam Trant, ext. 3108.

Summer Session classroom allocations are made by the Summer Session program director. Questions regarding the allocation of Summer Session classrooms should be referred to the Office of Academic Affairs, ext. 3108.

Faculty Offices & Research Laboratories
The allocation of research space and faculty offices is under the jurisdiction of the respective dean and departmental chair. Approval for such allocations also must be obtained from the campus' Space Committee. Matters relating to research laboratories or faculty offices should be referred to the appropriate departmental chair.

Administrative Offices
Departmental directors maintain responsibility for the allocation of administrative offices within their units. The campus Space Committee must approve requests for office space beyond the unit's current facility allotment.

Special Programs and Events
A variety of lecture, conference and other special-service rooms are available on campus to schedule for special events.

- To reserve space within a particular academic building for events such as lecture series and workshops, contact either the department chair or division director.

This page was last updated on: November 3, 2015