The first step in all minor and major renovation projects on campus is to communicate with the department chair/division director. Then a EP-1 form entitled Request for a Proposed Construction Project should be completed and signed by the department chair, dean or vice president, as appropriate. This form is available from the Facilities Planning & Construction Office. The Director of Facilities Planning & Construction must review and approve all requests for renovations, remodeling and alterations. Once approval has been obtained, the Physical Plant Department can assume responsibility for planning all renovations, alterations and improvements to academic, research, office and support areas to accommodate restructuring and new programs. Projects either are performed by in-house staff or contracted to a private firm, depending on the size of the undertaking and availability of personnel.

Elective Projects and Services
Besides renovations and alterations, the Physical Plant Department also provides such elective service as special painting and decorating, the fabrication and installation of cabinet and shelves, and special lighting installations. Such projects must be scheduled in advance and are charged to the requesting department or division.

- To schedule elective service, contact the service desk at ext. 3312.

This page was last updated on: January 6, 2017