Heating/Air Conditioning/Indoor Air Quality

The Utilities Operations shop of the Physical Plant Department is charged with providing the campus community with proper heating/cooling and ventilation within campus buildings. As part of that charge and consistent with Facilities Planning and Construction and the state energy office, the shop strives daily to maintain the temperature in all campus buildings between 72 (Plus/minus 2 degrees) in the winter and 76 (Plus/minus 2 degrees) in the summer.

- Problems with heating/cooling and air quality should be directed to the Physical Plant Service Desk at ext. 3312.

- Problems during non-business hours should be directed to University Police, ext. 2611.

- For special events that require maintaining the temperature within the designated comfort range during times when the campus normally would be closed, please provide at least 72 hours advanced notice to the Physical Plant Service Desk at ext. 3312.

This page was last updated on: June 30, 2016