Fire Protection

The Building Maintenance shop and the Utilities shop of the Physical Plant Department works with the Environmental Health and safety office of Texas A&M-Kingsville to maintain fire protection equipment on campus, including Fire detection systems, water sprinklers and smoke alarms.

Building Maintenance-Maintains all fire extinguishers.  To report missing or discharged extinguishers, contact building Maintenance at ext.  3312/3313.

Utilities(HVAC)-Maintains the installed Fire Equipment, ie. Pull Handles, Fire panels, and audio/video alarms.

Physical Plant Custodial Staff - Visually inspect all facility fire equipment with the exception of the Residential Hall, Student Union Building, Sports Recreation Center and other auxiliary facilities.  Please submit work orders for deficiencies.

How to obtain Service

In Cases of emergencies:

  • During business hours, call ext. 3312, Physical Plant Service desk.
  • During non-business hours, call ext. 2611, University Police.
  • In case of faire or smoke, pull the nearest fire alarm, vacate the building, and call the University Police. ext.2611

This page was last updated on: April 25, 2018