Custodial Services

The Custodial Services section of the Physical Plant Department is responsible for providing a clean, sanitary and orderly environment throughout the campus. There are 42 customer oriented employees focusing on maintaining a high level of cleanliness in which to learn and work.  This tem covers 48 building facilities, including 98 classrooms, 41 laboratories, 664 sanitary fixtures, 6,411 desk chairs, over 800 chalk/white boards, 398,618 sqft. of carpet and a total cleanable square footage area of approximately 941,808 sqft.  This group also performs monthly visual fire equipment inspections.

Routine Service

Routine cleaning is performed on a five-day, Monday through Friday schedule with two shifts.  Classrooms, laboratories, restrooms and corridors are cleaned and stocked on a daily basis. Trash is emptied daily.  Offices will be cleaned once a week.  The frequencies are based on campus priorities given existing resources.

Facilities Scheduling

For reservations, assignments, and scheduling of any University facilities, please contact the following:

Provost's Office (ext. 3106)-for all academic buildings and rooms

SUB scheduling Office (ext. 4137)-for all non-academic buildings and rooms except Athletics facilities

Athletics Office (ext. 2410)-for all Athletics facilities including the football stadium, baseball fields, etc

When making reservations or after-hour event schedules, please request needed custodial support with a maintenance work order at the Physical Plant Administrative Office, ext. 3312/3313, at least 72 hours in advance for complex arrangements or 48 hours of other events.

To report any problems in routine cleaning service, contact Custodial Services, Superintendent, ext. 3296 or the Physical Plant front office at ext. 3312

Please Note: The Physical Plant Department does not maintain responsibility for the assignment and scheduling of classroom space. The above listed offices handle such matters.

This page was last updated on: February 1, 2017