Where do I find IACUC information and forms?

Where do I submit my IACUC documents to?

  • Please submit all IACUC documents (full protocols, amendments, exempt forms, annual/continuation forms, etc.) to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (campus mail: MSC 201, email: researchcompliance@tamuk.edu). They will be logged in and processed before being distributed to the IACUC. You will receive an ORSP ID# for your document when it has been received and logged in.

I am TAMUK faculty/staff and want to use rodents in my research. Am I allowed to use the pharmaceutical research facility over at the College of Pharmacy?

  • Yes, TAMUK faculty/staff doing research with rodents can and should use the pharmaceutical research facility. Please contact Anthony Munn, the pharmaceutical research facility manager, at (361) 593-4389 for information about per diem rates, training, and the appropriate paperwork to file.

I am TAMUK faculty/staff and am collaborating on a project with a PI from another institution who has taken the lead in the project and has IACUC approval. Do I still need to fill out a protocol and get approval from TAMUK’s IACUC, or is the protocol and approval from the other university acceptable?

  • It depends on where the animal use is occurring. If it is occurring at the other PI’s institution, then TAMUK IACUC approval is not needed, but TAMUK will still need a copy of the approved IACUC protocol from the other institution. If animal use is occurring at TAMUK, then TAMUK IACUC approval is needed.

What is the turnaround time for my full protocol?

  • The IACUC usually convenes once a month to review any materials necessary, including all full protocols. Depending on when the committee last met and whether a quorum can be present, the turnaround can be up to 30-40 days at the most, but it is usually sooner. Please contact ORSP if you want to check the status of your protocol.

What happens after IACUC meets and reviews my protocol?

  • If the IACUC approves your protocol without revisions, the IACUC Chair will send an approval notice to ORSP with the approved protocol attached. If the approved protocol has already been signed, then ORSP will notify you of your approval and send you your approval number.
  • If the IACUC requests revisions to your protocol, the IACUC Chair will communicate with you until your revised protocol addresses the committee’s concerns. The Chair will then send an approval to ORSP with the revised approved protocol attached. If the approved protocol has already been signed, then ORSP will notify you of your approval and send you your approval number. Your approval number will not be released until you have signed your protocol.

How long are IACUC approvals good for?

  • IACUC approvals are good for three years. If the project is still ongoing at three years, you will need to renew your number. No animal use may be conducted under an expired approval number.

What kinds of projects are exempt from IACUC review?

  • An example of a project that is exempt from IACUC review is a study that involves observation of animals only. If you believe your project may be exempt, please read, fill out, and submit the IACUC exempt form. The Chair will review it and determine if it is indeed exempt or if a full protocol will need to be filled out.

I need to make a change to a previously approved protocol. What should I do?

  • Please submit an IACUC amendment form, which can be found on ORSP’s website.

What is the turnaround time for my IACUC amendment?

  • It depends on what is being amended. For changes to procedures that do not affect the methodology or the handling of animals (increase in animal numbers, changes in feed, etc.), the amendments can be reviewed and approved by the Chair without having to go before the full committee. For amendments that change methodology and affect the handling of animals, full IACUC review is generally necessary, and the amendment will be reviewed at the next committee meeting.

I want to start a new project using methods previously approved by IACUC. What should I do?

  • Please submit a new protocol citing the previously-approved methodology and noting the approval number. Do not use the amendment form to create a new project.

I have an approval number for my full protocol and then an approval number for an amendment to the project. Does the amendment approval number supersede the original protocol approval? Does the expiration date of my original approval still apply?

  • Amendments are submitted to document IACUC approval of changes to an approved project. They do not supersede the approval of an entire project. The expiration date of your original approval is the expiration date for the entire project. If your project is still ongoing three years from the approval date of the original protocol, then you will need to renew your IACUC approval. (Example: Your original protocol was approved in 2009, and the number will expire in 2012. You have an amendment approved in 2011. The approval for your entire project will still expire in 2012, three years from the date of the original approval, regardless of when your amendment was approved.)

My three-year-long approval is about to expire, and I am still using animals. What do I need to do to renew my approval?

  • Please submit the annual/continuation form and a new protocol. The new protocol should incorporate any approved changes (i.e. amendments) in the past three years. The original protocol approval number and any amendment approval numbers should be cited in the new protocol.

I am finished with my project and do not need to renew my number. What should I do?

  • Please use the annual/continuation form as a close-out report and send it to ORSP.

Once I submit a close-out report, can I reopen the IACUC approval number in the future?

  • No. If you’ve closed out an approval number, please re-submit an IACUC initial protocol to begin the project again even if it’s using the same animal procedures or methods.

This page was last updated on: July 15, 2016