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Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP)


The Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman,
announces the 2015 University Research Award (URA) Recipients.
Grants were awarded on a competitive basis to TAMUK scholars who demonstrated compelling potential to achieve successful intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary investigations leading toward
collaboration, increased external funding and advancement in publications.
This year’s awardees and projects of interest are:
  • Dr. Ming Tu (Music Education)
    School Readiness: Can a Literacy-based Music Curriculum Enhance Linguistic Skills in Preschool Children?
  • Dr. Chang Sung (Cancer Research)
    Epigenetic Regulation of Tumor Suppressor Gene SALL2
  • Dr. Rajan Lamichhane(Mathematical Modeling Research)
    Understanding the relationship between local economic conditions, food insecurity, and sleep habits
  • Dr. Tushar Sinha (Sustainability Research)
    Freshwater Sustainability under Near-term Climate Change, Population Growth and Human Interventions in the Southern US
  • Dr. Fe Hei (Disaster Management Research)
    Disaster and Resource allocation: A Holistic Optimization Modeling Framework
  • Dr. William Kuvlesky and Dr. Clayton Hilton (Wildlife)
    Disease Surveillance of Wild Turkeys in South Texas
  • Dr. Catherine Simpson and Dr. Shad Nelson (Citrus Research)
    The Impact of Foliar Nutrient Sprays on Asian Citrus Psyllid Development and Population Densities

The ORSP is responsible for the authorization and submission of all university proposals for external support for research and sponsored projects from all sources. ORSP has reporting responsibilities for award and submission data, and the determination of “restricted research” for institutional support from the Research Development Fund. The office also has shared responsibilities for the fiscal oversight of funded projects and programs, which includes negotiation and acceptance of awards on behalf of the university. Furthermore, the office provides the following services to faculty and staff:

  • Identification and dissemination of potential funding sources for research and other external programs;
  • Technical assistance in the development and submission of proposals;
  • Point of contact with state and federal agencies, private and foundation sponsors;
  • Facilitation of cooperative and interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities;
  • Compliance of the Texas A&M University System policies and university procedures relating to research, sponsored programs, and technology commercialization.

Dear Colleagues,

I would like toshare with you the electronic version of the Premier Issue of “Emergence,” our new research and graduate studies magazine. The first issue is focused on the Biomedical Research on our campus. There are many areas of ground breaking research here on campus. Therefore future issues will highlight other areas of research and graduate programs. I invite you to share your ideas for future issues with us.

I want to thank President Tallant and Provost Gandy for their support and to acknowledge Ms. Cheryl Cain and her great team in marketing as well as the ORSP staff who have done a great job in producing this magazine. I want to also thank all TAMUK faculty members, whose ingenuity and dedication is essential to creating a vibrant research and graduate studies environment.

You can access the electronic version of this magazine below. Please feel free to share with students and colleagues from other institutions as you see fit.

Click here to read Emergence

Thank you,

Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman

Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Texas A&M University-Kingsville


Submit IRB, IBC, IACUC forms to researchcompliance@tamuk.edu


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