Council for Assessment and Planning (CAP)

Chaired by: Appointed by the President

Membership: Membership is composed of members of the faculty and staff who are appointed by the President. Members will serve three-year terms. The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as an ex-officio member of the Council.

Function: The central role of the Council for Assessment and Planning (CAP) is to monitor the assessment activities of the University as described in the Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP). The council periodically reviews and updates the university IEP and assesses the university strategic plan. In addition, the council assists academic departments and colleges and administrative units in developing, updating, monitoring, and linking assessment to planning activities.


2018-2019 Membership

Dr. Steve Bain, co-chair (1)

Dr. Thomas Spencer, co-chair (2)

Dr. Farzad Deyhim (1)

Dr. Stephen Oller (3)

Dr. Ruth Chatelain-Jardon, (1)

Dr. Kai Jin (2)

Mr. Rolando Garza (2)

Mr. Christian Ferris (2)

Ms. Andrea Vela (3)

Ms. Renee Walker (3)

Mr. Brad Walker (3)

Ms. Shelly Key (2)

Dr. Jaya Goswami, ex officio

Ms. Cadi Luskex officio

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