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General Health Services (Ambulatory)

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s Health Care Clinic provides ambulatory family practice services to the university students. Each medical evaluation will be performed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the medical provider.  The Health Care Clinic will provide treatment within their scope of practice using the resources available at the Health Care Clinic.  If the treatment or procedure is outside the scope of practice of the medical provider(s) or if the appropriate resources are not available at the Health Care Clinic, the medical provider(s) will refer the patient to an outside provider/facility in Kleberg or Nueces counties.

Services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Acute Illness or Injury
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Chronic Conditions
  • Physical Exams
  • Gynecological Exams
  • Contraceptive Counseling
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing
  • Immunizations (Tetanus, Influenza, and Hepatitis B)
  • TB Testing
  • Administration of Immunotherapy
  • Class D Pharmacy Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Referrals to Specialists

Please note:

  • The Health Care Clinic concludes performance of blood testing and send-out labs, physical exams, and well-woman exams/Pap smears on the last class day of the semester, including each summer session.
  • Students requiring imaging (x-ray, CAT scan, MRI, etc.) will be referred to off-campus providers as imaging is unavailable at the Health Care Clinic.
  • There is no charge for consultations in the Health Care Clinic as a student service fee is included in the tuition. However, students are responsible for fees incurred for medications, immunizations, laboratory tests, supplies, and procedures.
  • Visits with the nurse or provider are unlimited.
  • If you have complex medical issues for which you are seeing a specialist and/or primary care physician, we strongly encourage you to maintain your relationship(s) with your current provider(s) for continuity of care. If you are unable to maintain this relationship, the Health Care Clinic provider will refer you to a new local primary care doctor and local specialists.


This page was last updated on: September 13, 2018