Phi Iota Alpha

Phi Iota Alpha

Name: Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc

Nickname: Phiota

Scope: International

Established: December 26, 1931

Location: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Symbol: Lion

Flower: Red Carnation

Official Colors: Gold, Navy Blue, Red, White

Motto: "Semper Parati Semper Juncti"

Mission Statement: Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity is a brotherhood dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Latin American Culture.

Publication: The Phiota!

National Philanthropies:



National Interfraternity Conference (NIC) 

National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) 

The oldest inter-collegiate Greek-letter organization established for Latino Americans

Descended from the First Latino Fraternity & the First Latino Student Organization in the US

The First Latino fraternity to reach from "Coast to Coast." 

The First Latino fraternity to host an international convention

Phi Iota Alpha's membership includes four former presidents of Latin American countries

Our Beliefs

Membership in Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is a life-long commitment to the Latin American culture. It involves intellectual development, cultural consciousness, personal growth, personal achievement and social awareness.

Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity believes that the Latin  American  community here in the United States and in the Latin American countries  are in need of new sources of intellectual capital to identify, address and  solve the difficult challenges they face. Therefore, it is dedicated to developing in its members an awareness of the common values and traditions of  the nations of Latin America and to preparing  them to become active participants in the process of advancing the social and  economic conditions of all Latin Americans.

Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity strongly encourages scholarship through the pursuit of undergraduate degrees, advanced degrees, and the attainment of professional credentials that strengthen its individual members. However, it also guides them to craft a new vision that moves beyond the attainment of personal and professional goals, so that they may contribute to the larger good of the community through individual acts and deeds.

The most distinguishing feature of Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is that it instills in its members a Global Latino perspective. This is an orientation that transcends the existing national boundaries that have separated Latin America. It builds on the spirit and traditions of Pan-Americanism, and supports and promotes actions leading to an eventual unification of all the countries of Latin America.

Our Mission

Promotion of personal, community, and Pan-American development through the ideals of Bolivar and Marti as well as other Pan-American intellectuals and their philosophies; Creation of a Latin American consciousness; Intensification of education with a Latin American character; Economic and social mobilization of Latin American communities globally; Intensification of contact between Pan-American Countries with the intention of forming a unified network of professional and economic contacts in order to ultimately achieve the unification of Latin America;


Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. is the Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence. The history of Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is the history of all Latino college students and professionals who strive to keep their intellectual heritage alive. Since its inception, when the legendary "Union Hispano Americana" (UHA) was first organized in 1898, the fraternity has upheld its inspirational and unique ideological foundation of Pan-Americanism.The ideology of Pan-Americanism can be summarized as the "unification of all the Latin American nations and all Latin American people." The Fraternity has served as an "Ideological University" through the study and interpretation of Pan-Americanism inspired by the accomplishments of its Five Pillars, Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin, Bernardo O’Higgins, Benito Juarez and Jose Marti. 

Through the years, this prestigious institution has witnessed a number of operational and structural modifications as a form of survival and adaptation to its time. Through it all, Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity continues to fulfill its distinct goals by uniting its members fraternally in a manner in which, individually and collectively, they will contribute towards the fulfillment of the organization's mission and ideology; fomenting "the scientific study of the social, economical, and political problems of Pan-America;" and serving "as a source of personal growth in which in conjunction with academic preparation, each brother will find an appropriate environment to develop." In short, Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity has always been, and will continue to be, a source of empowerment for Latinos everywhere.

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