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ESF Summer Camp: This year, Engineering and Science Frontiers (ESF) Summer Camp will take in place on July 23-27, 2012. Here is the list of the projects and advising faculty. Students will be grouped in teams of three. Each group will be teamed with a faculty advisor or a graduate advisor and a graduate student to work on a one-week in-depth research project.

Research Project #1: Sustainable Manufacturing and Energy Saving Product Design, led by Dr. Kai Jin

Sustainable manufacturing is to design and manufacture green products with non-polluting and natural resource conserving processes. Students will learn the approaches to evaluate product energy consuming through the whole life cycle by disassembling used cell phones and laptops.

Research Project #2: Citrus Waste Conversion to Biofuels and Chemical , led by Dr. Patrick Mills

Students will explore the rudiments of making solid heterogeneous catalysts by impregnation of various noble metal salt solutions onto various catalyst supports, thus creating a “library” of catalysts.

Research Project #3Antenna Design for Wireless Communication Systems, led by Dr. Nuri Yilmazer

Checking e-mails, surfing on the internet with mobile communication devices are becoming a ritual of our daily life. Students will learn the fundamental principles of the antenna systems and investigate the practical performance of a wide range of antenna types and systems.

Research Project #4: Programming a Four-wheel Drive Mobile Robot with 4-Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm, led by Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik

Students will conduct research on robotics and become familiar with associated hardware, software, and programming techniques. The students will synthesize their research findings to develop optimal algorithms and programs for various tasks.

Research Project #5: Design of a Truss System, led by Dr. Muhammad Faruqi

The truss is one of the major and most common types of engineering structures. Students will design a balsa wood bridge, assess a real-world problem and develop at least one feasible solution. Students will learn practical design considerations, integration of the trusses, project management and team work.

Research Project #6: Air Quality, led by Dr. Alvaro Martinez

A regional research case study will help students to understand correlation between air quality and health effects. Students will conduct laboratory work related with air emission control technologies and understand the fundamentals of oxidation, absorption and biofiltration control technologies.

Research Project #7: Mobile Applications Programming, led by Dr. Young Lee

The students will be exposed to mobile application programming concepts such as the operation of mobile devices or an event based graphical user interface programming. The project team will investigate various fundamental issues with mobile application programming and prepare for advanced topics.

Research Project #8:Vortex Diode Design for Nuclear Reactors, led by Dr. Yousri Elkassabgi

In this project, the students will design a Vortex Diode that looks like a disk shaped chamber with two cylinders coming out of it. Fluid diodes are proposed to be used in new generation of nuclear reactors as a safety device.

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