Degree plan

Master of Science

The Master of Science degree is a Plan I or Plan II program requiring the completion of 30 or 36 semesters hours of graduate work in engineering, including the thesis on the Plan I program. The Plan I degree is designed primarily for those interested in research or those wishing to work toward a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

  Plan 1 (with thesis and major)

Thirty semester hours of approved graduate courses, with at least 24 semester hours (including 6 hours of Thesis 5306 research) in a major subject area.

 Plan 2  (with major and minor)

Thirty-six semester hours of approved graduate courses, with 21 to 24 semester hours (including 3 hours of Research Project 5305) in a major subject area and 12 to 15 semester hours in a minor subject area. The minor may be divided between two subject areas, with at least 6 semester hours in each.


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