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Graduate Courses in Mechanical Engineering

5301.  Advanced Problems in Mechanical Engineering. V:1-4

Individual or group research on advanced problems conducted under the supervision of a faculty member. Maximum credit 8 semester hours.

5303. Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering. V:1-3

One or more advanced topics. May be repeated when topic changes.

5305. Graduate Research Project. 3

A graduate research project must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Office for a grade to be assigned, otherwise IP notations are recorded. This course is specifically designed for Plan II and Plan III students. Prerequisite: departmental approval.

5306. Thesis. 3

This course is for Plan I students. The course requires 6 hours of grades, the first 3 hours consisting of completion of a thesis proposal and the last 3 hours consisting of completion of the thesis. Completion of the thesis proposal is a prerequisite for enrollment in the last 3 hours of thesis.

5313. Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering. 3(3-0)

Numerical methods for advanced analysis and design applications in Mechanical Engineering. Prerequisite: MATH 5372. (Credit may not be obtained in both MEEN 5313 and CEEN 5313.)

5314. Finite Element Methods in Engineering. 3(3-0)

Principles and applications of the Finite Element Method: energy based variational principle methods, the principles of virtual work, weighted residual methods. Emphasis on structural and nonstructural elements and applications. Prerequisite: CSEN 2304 or equivalent.

5318. Advanced Dynamics. 3(3-0)

Equations of motion in three dimensions. Derivation and application of Lagrange's equations. Vibrations of mechanical systems. Orbital mechanics. Prerequisite: MEEN 3355.

5320. Theory of Elasticity. 3(3-0)

Discussion of the concept of stress, strain, deformations, strain compatibility and constitutive relations; formulation and solution of extension, bending, torsion and two- dimensional elasticity problems. (Credit may not be obtained in both MEEN 5320 and CEEN 5310.)

5321. Advanced Fluid Mechanics. 3(3-0)

Equations of fluid mechanics: equations of continuity, motion, Navier-Stokes, energy and Bernoulli. Incompressible, laminar, turbulent and compressible flows.

5322. Turbulent Flow. 3(3-0)

Stationary random functions. Correlation tensors. Wave number Space. Mechanics of turbulence. Energy spectrum. Dissipation and energy cascade. Turbulence measurements. Isotropic turbulence. Turbulent transport processes. Mixing and free turbulence. Wall- constrained turbulence.

5325. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 3(3-0)

Advanced systems concept of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System, definition of manufacturing and its various levels, planning and control of product movement through the production system, successful use of Automation, Robotics, Just-In-Time Manufacturing and Knowledge Based Systems. Prerequisite: MEEN 5303.

5326. Control Systems Engineering. 3(3-0)

Analysis and design of controlled, dynamic, linear mechanical, electric, fluid and/or thermal systems; introduction to concepts of stability, controllability, observability and to discrete time, sampled data control systems, optimal control systems and nonlinear control theory. Prerequisite: MEEN 5328.

5328. Dynamic Systems Engineering. 3(3-0)

Analysis of dynamic-mechanical, electric, fluid and thermal system elements; modeling, analysis and design of physical, dynamic systems composed of these elements.

5330. Continuum Mechanics. 3(3-0)

Presentation of the fundamental laws of physics as applicable to a continuous medium in a unified viewpoint. Material is discussed in terms of Cartesian tensors. Topics covered include: vectors and indicial notation of tensors, tensor operations, stress, strain and deformation of continuous media in Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions. Applications to solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics are explored.

5331. Advanced Materials Science. 3(3-0)

Formation of metallic materials, polymers and composite materials, both applications and properties including chemical resistance and mechanical properties such as elasticity, creep and fracture. Prerequisite: MEEN 3344.

5335. Advanced Robotics and Automation. 3(3-0)

Analysis of methods of design and operation of robots and robotic systems. Kinematics and dynamics of manipulators, trajectory planning and motion control, sensing and vision, discussion of command languages and planning of job assignments.

5337. Engineering Analysis in Applied Mechanics. 3(3-0)

Simultaneous Equations - Equilibrium, Eigenvalues and Eignevectors; Extreme Values of Functions; Calculus of Variations; Extremum Principles of Thermodynamics; Stationarity and Extremum Principles of Solid Mechanics; Equations of Motion and the Stationarity Principles of Lagrange and Hamilton. Prerequisite: graduate standing and permission of instructor.

5345. Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer. 3(3-0)

Theory of steady-state and transient heat conduction and theory of convective transport combined with boundary layer theory. Prerequisite: MEEN 3348.

5347. Advanced Thermodynamics. 3(3-0)

The equations of state for various systems are given extensive treatment. Prerequisite: MEEN 3347.

To earn graduate credit for any undergraduate course authorized in the graduate catalog, the student must complete an extra assignment of graduate level quality that is not required of undergraduate students. The following advanced undergraduate courses have been approved by the Graduate Council for graduate credit: MEEN 4345. Engineering Vibrations. MEEN 4348. Gas Dynamics. MEEN 4349. Air Conditioning. MEEN 4385. Manufacturing of Composites.

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