How to get an assistantship as a grad student

Open Letter to Grad Students From the Chair


Welcome to Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Dear Mr/Miss XXXX,

We appreciate your interest, and it appears that you are doing pretty good to get the in-state tuition and a scholarship. Typically, to get more than that, you should contact a professor that is conducting research in an area that you are interested in, and that matches your desired degree, and start talking with them.

I don’t know what major are you pursuing… is that Industrial Engineering ( If so, the IE grad coordinator is Dr. Hua Li), or if it is Mechanical Engineering (Contact Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik as the ME grad coordinator), the you should review our list of faculty, and their research to see what matches your interest, and then talk to them about possible RA or TA funding. Also, I don’t know what your GRE scores are, what your background is, and so on.

Remember that getting an assistantship as a graduate student is much like getting a job. You need to show your qualifications, show that you are willing to work hard and smart, and have a good work ethic… That is be honest and be productive. If you can show all those things to a faculty member that has funds, you will an excellent chance of getting funding.

This page was last updated on: April 4, 2017