Our Department of Environmental Engineering offers three programs, one at the undergraduate level and two programs at the graduate level. Below you will find more information about these programs.

Undergraduate Program

We offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Environmental Engineering. This program is accredited by the Accrediation Board of Engineering and Technology, Inc.  (ABET). This program was developed in response to the ever-increasing public demand for cleaner air, water and land and the high demand in the job market for environmental engineers in the pesent and forthcoming years. Our undergraduate program has been built on the strength of our current graduate programs. All of our faculty are committed to academic excellence and would like to work with you to achieve your academic and professional goals. 

Our B.S. program offers the following courses:

GEEN 1201 Environmental Engineering as a Career
EVEN 2304 Computer Methods for Environmental Engineers
EVEN 2310 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
EVEN 2311 Environmental Engineering Ethics and Policy
EVEN 2372 Environmental Engineering in a Global Society
EVEN 3320 Chemical Principles for Environmental Engineers
EVEN 3321 Environmental Engineering Lab
EVEN 3328 Environmental Engineering Process Fundamentals
EVEN 3336 Environmental Microbiology
EVEN 3399 Nuclear Environmental Protection
EVEN 4102 Environmental Engineering Design I
EVEN 4105 Engineering Management
EVEN 4301 Water and Wastewater Treatment
EVEN 4303 Environmental Engineering Design II
EVEN 4304 Water Resources and Advanced Computer Methods
EVEN 4306 Solid and Hazardous Waste Fundamentals
EVEN 4317. Environmental Engineering Fundamentals
EVEN 4336 Selected Topics
EVEN 4357 Environmental Aspects of Engineering Works and Products
EVEN 4386 Air Pollution Control
EVEN 4399 Internship in Environmental Engineering

More information about the B.S. courses can be found here.

Graduate Programs

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