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Welcome to the Department of Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Environmental Engineers design and build municipal water supply systems, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, air pollution control systems, solid and municipal waste treatment facilities, and develop and implement watershed and airshed protection management plans and operations.

The Department of Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University-Kingsville prides itself on preparing its students for creative careers in industry and government. The Department is a community of outstanding researchers, experienced educators, and talented students.

According to Fortune magazine, one of the hottest career paths for the next ten years is expected to be in environmental engineering. As part of this increase, the U.S. will begin exporting environmental expertise to overseas markets to sustain this job growth. Environmental engineers will be called upon to develop creative solutions to balance economic growth and ecosystem preservation as coastal and inland development accelerates. The article, "Hot Careers for the Next 10 years" puts the growth rate of demand for environmental engineers (at 54%) even higher than that of information systems managers, software engineers, and systems analysts. Environmental engineers will be expected to prevent problems and introduce new technologies that promote sustainable development as global expansion takes off in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

At A&M Kingsville, we offer programs in developing interdisciplinary specialties, as well as in the more traditional areas of Environmental Engineering. Several modern engineering buildings contain environmental laboratories, including a High Performance Computing Center, state of the art instrumentation for evaluating water and air quality parameters, and workspace for students and faculty.

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