NSF-Step 1B

CASCaded Mentoring And Design Experiences (CASCADE) seeks to increase the number of well-qualified engineers for South Texas. Project strategies focus on implementation of design experiences throughout the engineering undergraduate curriculum with linkages to Javelina Innovation Laboratory to provide access to authentic design projects. This will be overlaid with an innovative cascaded mentoring program to support student success. Initially, CASCADE will pilot the curriculum implementation of design experiences in the civil engineering (CEEN) and mechanical engineering (MEEN) departments, and will subsequently expand to include the chemical and environmental engineering departments (CHEN and EVEN, respectively).

The overall goal of CASCADE is to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of TAMUK students who successfully earn an engineering baccalaureate degree. Building on TAMUK’s STEP 1A project outcomes and institutionalization efforts, CASCADE will engage engineering students in design exercises and experiences throughout their academic undergraduate careers, and provide student support in an innovative configuration of cascaded peer-mentoring. Incorporation of engineering design experiences across the undergraduate curriculum with linkages to the university’s engineering innovation laboratory for access to industry projects will contribute to increased student retention and persistence to graduation.


This page was last updated on: June 11, 2014