Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children Parent Enrichment

Parents are encouraged to participate in observation sessions and field trips as their schedule permits. Parents should notify their child's teacher of any problem or event which may be upsetting. Events such as death of a pet, expected birth of a sibling, or a visit by grandparents may cause children to be excited, tense, or upset. Knowledge of such occurrences will help the staff to work with parents to meet their child's needs.

If parents desire to conference with their child's teacher at any time, they should contact the teacher to arrange a time. Parents are asked to refrain from discussing a problem with the teacher in front of the child or when the teacher is responsible for a group of children. Children will not attend parent conferences except in unusual circumstances.

A monthly newsletter, Nautical News, is distributed to help keep parents updated on events and items of interest at the Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children (MCCYC). It is available at the MCCYC office.

A Friendly Reminder

Parents are responsible for keeping records current in the MCCYC office. Please update home or work telephone numbers and addresses, telephone numbers of people to notify in case of emergency, immunization dates, and class schedules every semester. Failure to abide by policies in this handbook could result in a child being dropped from the rolls of the MCCYC.

This page was last updated on: December 22, 2015