Transculturation Program

The Transculturation Program Presents: Seminars in Cultural History of South Texas

The program is organized around a series of seminars which bring to focus the history and culture of South Texas, with an emphasis on the Hispanic community of the region. The purpose of the program is to open a conversation that allows faculty to better understand the challenges that first generation students, particularly Hispanics, face upon entering higher education. This semester, faculty will have the opportunity to visit and converse with local cultural historians and artists at museums and cultural centers throughout South Texas. In the spring four keynote speakers provide a background on specific themes that set the stage for the conversation. Lastly, participants who complete the program will receive awards to help advance their research projects.

Fall events:

  • Visit to the Ranch Heritage festival in Sarita, Texas and a visit to Harlingen, Texas and the History Museum of Harlingen.
  • Visit to San Benito, Texas, where members of the Grupo Rumbo al'Anacua, Rosa and Joe Canales Pérez, will engage faculty in a unique musical presentation of historical notes of South Texas.
  • In addition, faculty are encouraged to attend fall activities related to the Hispanic community, including Hispanic Heritage events, the Bilingual Education Conference, and the events sponsored by the Spanish Program and Sigma Delta Pi.

Spring events:

February 8 History and Legacies of Greater Mexico and Circum-Caribbean, presented by Marco Iñguez and Roberto Vela
March 8 South Texas Regional Histories, presented by Dr. Mark Robbins, Associate Professor at Del Mar College
March 29 Education / Migration in South Texas and the United States. Presenter to be announced.
April 12 Dr. Isabel M. Córdova, Associate Professor at Rochester University in New York, and winner of the Gloria Anzaldúa 2018 Book Award for Pushing in Silence: Modernizing Puerto Rico and Medicalization of Childbirth, University of Texas Press, 2017


For more information, please contact the program organizers:

Robert Vela (

Marco Íñiguez Alba (

Program Application

To join the 2018-2019 Transculturation Program, please use the application link below and send it to Roberto Vela ( Please include in the subject line, TCULT PARTICIPANT.

2018-2019 Transculturation Program Application

Program applications are accepted on a rolling basis through October 31, 2018.  

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