Transculturation Program

Program Information

The Transculturation Program brings into focus a historical perspective of South Texas in order to help faculty understand the cultural and academic challenges that first generation students, and students throughout South Texas in general, encounter in their education. The program is designed around keynote speakers who will present and guide discussions on key topics. The principal objective of the program is to empower faculty with information that will facilitate more effective approaches to their engagement with students and with the community of South Texas where they reside. 

Seminars and projected presenters:

  • History and legacies of U.S. - Mexico and Circum-Caribbean Borderlands (January 26)
    • Presented by Marco Íñiguez Alba and Roberto Vela Córdova, faculty members in the Department of Language and Literature and co-organizers of the program.
  • Conversations with students (February 9)
    • An opportunity to engage with students from TAMUK about their educational experiences, and about issues that faculty feel would be productive to discuss and address with students to better understand their perspectives. 
  • Historical Notes on South Texas (February 23)
    • Presentations by Dr. Mark Robbins. Dr. Robbins is a History professor at Del Mar College, and is actively engaged in various oral history projects that deal with Hispanic communities in the Coastal Bend area. Dr. Robbins is author of Middle Class Union: Organizing the 'Consuming Public' in Post-World War I America (University of Michigan Press 2017) which looks at how the idea of a "middle class" emerged in American cities in the early Twentieth Century and revolved around new patterns of consumption. He shows how people who were neither business owners nor laborers found ways to organize to protect their right to affordable food, clothing, shelter and other consumer goods. 
  • Immigration: Educational Impact (March 23)
    • Presentations by Graciela Sánchez, Director of Esperanza Peace and Justice Center in San Antonio. Graciela works with staff and community to develop programs that culturally ground working class and poor people of color, queer people and women, individuals who are survivors of cultural genocide. Facilitating conversations on issues of colonization, genocide, power, violence, racism, sexism, and homophobia among others, Graciela works with community members to develop and curate programs such as CineMujer, Uprooted: Tierra, Gente, y Cultura, Palestinians and other Occupied Peoples, as well as organized gente to challenge oppressive laws in San Antonio, the United States and the world.
  • Brief History of Education in the Southwest (April 19 - Tentative Date)
    • Presented by Dr. Laura Muñoz, her dissertation, "Desert Dreams" Mexican American Education in Arizona, 1870-1930," won the Claude A. Eggertsen Prize from the History of Education Society for her discovery of one of the oldest-known Mexican American school desegregation lawsuits in U.S. history. Her assessment of the case, "Romo v. Laird: Mexican American School Segregation and the Politics of Belonging in Arizona," appeared in Western Legal History (2013). She is currently writing a history of Mexican American education in Arizona. For information on her career and publications, please visit:

Meetings will be held between 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Community Activity Funds

In addition to seminars, faculty participating in the program will receive funds to travel to events and/or institutions in the South Texas region that will build on the seminar discussions. Funds may be also be used to promote and assist undergraduate or graduate students with their research through presentations in conferences, and/or research in area resource centers (libraries, museums, exhibits, etc...). Guidelines for funds will be distributed to participants. 

For more information, please contact the program organizers:

Robert Vela (

Marco Íñiguez Alba (

Program Application

To join the 2018 Transculturation Program, please send the application below by email to Roberto Vela ( Please include in the subject line, TCULT-2018 PARTICIPANT. 

Transculturation Program Application - Spring 2018

Program application is due by email on December 1, 2017. Applicants will receive notification of the application decision by December 10, 2017. 

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