Verma Spotlight

Spotlight on Dr. Priti Verma

Some of the best research in the world of finance is coming out of the Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration, courtesy of Dr. Priti Verma. Verma, an assistant professor of finance at A&M-Kingsville, is the winner of the 2010 Javelina Alumni Association Distinguished Researcher Award. 

Since completing her Ph.D. in July 2005, Verma has published nine papers in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, some of which are ranked among the 25 hottest papers for their respective journals. She has also written two book chapters and presented more than 20 papers at international, national and regional conferences.

Verma is driven by the constant desire to accomplish more. She believes research widens one’s horizon of understanding and strengthens the ability to explain complex phenomenon to students. Because the primary task of a faculty member is to educate students, teaching is Verma’s top priority. As a result, a main purpose of conducting research is to be able to use it in the classroom to enhance student knowledge. Verma also strives to engage in the highest quality research which is relevant not only to herself, but also to academicians and the business community. However, balancing both teaching and research can be tricky. In order to avoid any trade-offs, Verma does most of her research after hours.  

She considers a paper published in the Journal of Multinational Financial Management in 2007 to be among her top research contributions to her field. In it she indicated that the current irrational, bullish sentiments of institutional investors might generate immediate gains; but, subsequently such errors could lead to a larger negative return and cause greater volatility in the U.S. stock market. This paper was completed in 2006 before the large downturn and massive volatility witnessed in the U.S. stock market following the subprime mortgage crisis. This paper is currently ranked sixth on the list of the journal’s most popular articles.

Among her future research goals is exploring new areas to make a significant contribution. Because of recent turmoil in the subprime market, Verma would like to focus her research on real estate investment trusts and mortgage backed securities. She also plans to venture into market microstructure, an area of finance which deals with specific trading mechanisms that affect price formation process in financial markets.

With these accomplishments and aspirations, it is easy to understand why Verma was chosen as this year’s Distinguished Researcher. She is extremely honored, happy and excited about receiving the award and credits her family, especially her husband Dr. Rahul Verma and sons Ritik and Ronit. 

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