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Research Spotlight Harmeet Singh

College of Business Administration faculty members are either professors or lecturers.  Lecturer duties are primarily tied to teaching assigned courses.  Sometimes they are also active in service activities, such as being an advisor to a student organization.  Given that research is not part of their duties, or expectations, lecturers seldom author published research.

A glaring exception to this tendency is the publication activity and success of Mr. Harmeet Singh, the Economics Lecturer in the College of Business Administration.  It is not uncommon to see Mr. Singh sitting in the faculty lounge, the Scofield Conference Room, or other faculty member offices conducting research.   These efforts have been very successful, resulting in published articles with multiple faculty members, including Professor Ashley Bennington who was in the CBA Research Spotlight during the Spring 2013 semester in part due to their joint research regarding student plagiarism.  Harmeet has also presented research results at academic conferences.  

What makes the selection of Mr. Singh doubly gratifying is that he is a 2010 graduate of Texas A&M-Kingsville.  Building on a Master of Arts in English (2006) and Bachelor of Arts in English, Sociology, and History (2004), both from India’s Panjab University, he completed a Master of Business Administration with concentration in Economics.  During his graduate studies at Texas A&M-Kingsville, he was our Graduate Research Assistant.  Like many lecturers, Harmeet is able to bring real world experiences into the classroom.  He has almost a decade of experience in small and medium enterprises, including employment in the oil field industry prior to joining our faculty.  

His recent publication, with Dr. Hans Schumann, concerning the U.S. domestic airline industry’s pricing structure discloses the impact of this relatively recent charge on the airline’s bottom line.  Interestingly, they found that the introduction of baggage fees helped carriers whether or not they imposed the fee.  Professional experience and a successful research record are marks of distinction which these facilitate classroom discussions beyond information found in the textbook and motivate Mr. Singh’s Economics students to excel, much like Harmeet has in the research arena.

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