Scholarly Works 2014

Refereed Journal Articles

Accounting and Finance

Natalya Delcoure, DBA


Delcoure, Natalya and Kendra Huff. "Determinants of IFRS voluntary adoption in emerging and frontier markets," accepted in Review of Business.

Paul E. Holt, Ph.D.


Holt, Paul E. “A Normative Evaluation of Translation Methodologies Based on Present Values of Future Cash Flows to Investors” Southwest Business and Economics Journal, Vol. 21. (2014) 21-34. 

Holt, Paul E. “Earnings Quality as Measured by Predictability of Reported Earnings” is published in Advances in Business Research (2014) Volume 4, Number 1.

Kendra Huff, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Delcoure, Natalya and Kendra Huff. "Determinants of IFRS voluntary adoption in emerging and frontier markets," accepted in Review of Business.

Dongnyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Weishen Wang, Rachel Graefe-Anderson, Mark K. Pyles, and Dongnyoung Kim “How Entrenched Managers Beat Earnings Expectations Before and After SOX.”  The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 54.1, (2014): 82-91.

Thomas Krueger, DBA


Krueger, Thomas M.,  “Paying for Acceptance? A Study of Academic Management Journals,”  Mustang Journal of Business and Ethics, 6 (2014): 31-47.

Krueger, Thomas M. and Wrolstad, Mark A.  “Character Investing,” Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 11(2), (2014): 29-46.

Krueger, Thomas M. and Wrolstad, Mark A.  “Is It a Good Investment Strategy to Invest in Malcolm Baldrige Award Winners?: An Update,”  Journal of Finance Issues, 13.1 (2014): 1-15.

Cavazos-Garza, Agustina, and Tom Krueger. "Wealth Impacts Arising From Hiring a Sustainability Officer." Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability 10.1 (2014): 24-33.

Martha Sale, DBA

Professor and Chair, Accounting and Finance

Ronald G. Cheek, Martha Lair Sale, Colleen Schwarz.  “Development of a Measurement Instrument for Website Design: Utilizing Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Multi-attribute Decision Modeling,”  accepted for a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of E-Business Research.

Martha Lair Sale, Ronald G. Cheek, R. Samuel Sale. “Using AHP to Develop a Measure of Web Presence,” accepted for a forthcoming issue of the  Academy of Strategic Management Journal.  

Martha Lair Sale, R. Samuel Sale.  “Financial Rewards of Social Actions,”  accepted for a forthcoming issue of the Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal.  

Chapter in an Edited Book (Invited)
Ronald G. Cheek, Martha Lair Sale, Colleen Schwarz.  “Creation of an Instrument to Measure Website Effectiveness Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).” Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development, Implementation, and Management (forthcoming).

Genevieve Scalan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Genevieve Scalan, Kasey Martin and Elaine Sanders. “The Potential Impact of COSO Internal Control Integrated Framework Revision on Internal Audit Structured SOX Work Programs” Research in Accounting Regulation, 26 (2014) 110-117.

Hans Schumann, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice

Schumann, H.O. and Harmeet Singh. "The Market Structure Dynamics Created by De-bundling of Airline Bag Fees." Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 15.3  (2014): 187-196.

Harmeet Singh


Schumann, H.O. and Harmeet Singh.  "The Market Structure Dynamics Created by De-bundling of Airline Bag Fees."  Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, 15.3 (2014). 187-196.

Singh, Harmeet, J. Oh, K. Jin, H. Li, and H.J. Yang. "Optimizing College Degree Plan." International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), 3.11 (2014): 15-21.

Carol E. Sullivan, Ph.D.


Gates, Sandra, Cheryl L. Pruchyl, Carol Sullivan, “Texas Twist of Fate – The Sad Story of Coppell's Mayor,” Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, (2014): 26.1.

Priti Verma, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Verma, Rahul and Priti Verma. "Country Risk and Macroeconomic Factors: Evidence from Asian Markets." Journal of Applied Business and Economics 16,5 (2014). 

Management, Marketing and Information Systems

Valerie Bartelt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Minas, R. K., R. F. Potter, A. R Dennis, V. L. Bartelt, and S. Bae. "Putting on the Thinking Cap: Using NeuroIS to Understand Information Processing Biases in Virtual Teams." Journal of Management Information Systems, 30(4), (2014): 49-82.

Levine, Sheen. S., Evan. P. Apfelbaum, Mark Bernard, V. L. Bartelt, Edward. J. Zajac, and David Stark. "Ethnic Diversity Deflates Price Bubbles,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2014). Print

Bartelt, Valerie L., Alan R. Dennis.  "Nature and Nurture: The Impact of Structuration and the Automaticity of Communication on Virtual Team Behavior and Performance," MIS Quarterly 38.2 (2014): 521-538. Print.

Alicia Cavazos-Garza, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Cavazos-Garza, Agustina, and Tom Krueger. "Wealth Impacts Arising From Hiring a Sustainability Officer." Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability 10.1 (2014): 24-33.

John E. Cicala, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Bush, Alan J., Victoria Bush, Jared J. Oakley, and John E. Cicala. "Formulating Undergraduate Student Expectations for Better Career Development in Sales: A Socialization Perspective,"  Journal of Marketing Education (2014).

Cicala, John E.  “The Individual and Organizational Hazards of Loneliness on Salespeople,” Review of Business and Finance Studies, 5(1), (2014): 27-36.

Cicala, John E., Alan J. Bush, Daniel L. Sherrell, and George Deitz, “Does Transparency Influence the Ethical Behavior of Salespeople,”  Journal of Business Research, (2014).

Kelly Fisher, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Fisher, K. and Reiser, C. "Embodied leadership: Moving from leader competencies to leaderful practices." Leadership  (2014): (forthcoming).

Jack Shorter, Ed.D.

Professor and Chair, Management, Marketing and Information Systems

Wise, E., and Jack Shorter. "Social Networking and the Exchange of Information. Issues in Information Systems," 15.II (2014): 103-109. 


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