Refereed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Accounting and Finance

Paul E. Holt, Ph.D.


Kendra Huff, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Thomas Krueger, Jack Shorter, and Kendra Huff“International Differences in Business Journal Acceptance Rates Across Business Disciplines.”  International Journal of Business and Social Science 3.3 (2012): 1-16.

Thomas M. Krueger, D.B.A.

Professor, Interim Department Chair and College Director of Research

Harmeet Singh, MBA


Priti Verma, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

  • Priti Verma and Dave Jackson. “The Dynamic Relationship Between ADRs, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, and Their Spillover Effects.” North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research, 6.6 (2012): 1-26. 

Information Systems

Richard Aukerman, Ph.D.

Interim Dean and Professor

  • Jack Shorter, James Smith (TAMUK BAAS Alumnus), and Richard Aukerman.  “Aspects of Information Security: Penetration Testing is Crucial for Maintaining System Security Viability.”  Journal of Information Systems Technology & Planning, 5.12 (2012): 13 - 22. 

Jack Shorter, Ed.D.


Management & Marketing Department

Ruth Chatelain-Jardon, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


John E. Cicala, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ashley J. Bennington, Ph.D.

Associate Professor 

Vanessa Meling, Ed.D.


  • Vanessa Meling, Lori Kupczynski, Marie-Ann Mundy, & Mary E. Green. "The Role of Supplemental Instruction in Success and Retention in Math Courses at a Hispanic-Serving Institution." Business Education Innovation Journal. 4.2 (2012): 20-31.

Kelly K. Fisher, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

  • Kelly K. Fisher, "Mateship in Harm's Way." LMX Leadership Series, VIII, Management of Team Leadership in Extreme Context: Defending our Homeland, Protecting our First Responders, (2012): 67 - 82.

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