Bennington Spotlight

Dr. Ashley Bennington Research Spotlight

Texas A&M-Kingsville is fortunate to have someone conducting research with a keen sense of the written word. Dr. Ashley Bennington’s communication research has resulted in the acceptance of three submissions over the prior year. Dr. Bennington’s emphasis on effective communication is reflected in her Statement of Teaching Philosophy: “Communication enhances our knowledge and improves the skills we use.” She has been both a student of the communications discipline and leader in the effort to improve student communication skills.

From her degree in the College of Communication (University of Texas at Austin) to her current role as associate professor, Dr. Bennington has focused on the written word. She currently shares this passion as instructor of our business communications courses.  

Dr. Bennington’s recent research demonstrates the richness of her research efforts. For instance, during 2012, works of a discipline-based nature and pedagogical-based nature have been published. With Dr. Minutulo (Robert Morris University), Dr. Bennington employed Ajzen’s reasoned action approach to develop an understanding of factors that motivate managers of small and medium-size companies to reduce waste. Through a survey of over one hundred managers, the authors find that an individual’s attitude plays a key role in how they address issues of business resource management.

She and Professor Harmeet Singh (College of Business Administration Department of Accounting & Finance) have produced articles delving into the issues surrounding plagiarism. In one article, the authors find that faculty attitudes and beliefs about students and fellow faculty influence their response to suspected student plagiarism. In a follow-up report, the authors describe how faculty perceptions of administrator’s responsibilities impact their efforts to report student plagiarism.

We are proud to include Dr. Ashley Bennington, who focuses upon proper use of the written word in the classroom, and her research among our ranks.>

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