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The Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration faculty thrive on innovation and collaboration. Our expert guide is a search engine which offers journalists instant access to academic areas of expertise and contact information, or for locating research partners. You may explore a subject or locate a specific expert.

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Buck, Rachel

MA, Lecturer

Statistics, Economics, Big Data

361-593-2697 or 


Cicala, John

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Marketing, Negotiation, Sales

361-593-3939 or 


Colvin, Randy

DBA, Assistant Professor

Data Breaches/ Hacking, Enterprise Systems Design, Enterprise Systems Implementation, End-user Compliance Training,Leadership Training (in this information age), Internal Control Policies and Procedures for Financial Statements and Systems

361-593-4853 or 


Hinojosa, Cristelia

Ph.D., Lecturer

Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Knowledge Management

361-593-4282 or cristelia.hinojosa@tamuk.edu

Karst, Rusty

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Human Resource Management, Performance Management, International HRM, Strategic HRM

361-593-3936 or Rusty.Karst@tamuk.edu

Kim, Dongnyoung

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Corporate Political Behaviors, Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions

361-593-2148 or Dongnyoung.Kim@tamuk.edu

Knight, Michael

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Management, Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Behavior

361-2888 or


Krueger, Thomas

DBA, J.R. Manning Endowed Professor of Innovation in Business Education and Chair, Department of Accounting and Finance

Personal Financial Planning, Financial Security Pricing, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Financial Planning, Regional, Economic Analysis, Not-for-Profit Financial Management

361-593-3787 or thomas.krueger@tamuk.edu

Oates, Barbara

Ph.D., Professor

Online Teaching, Use of Blackboard, Certified Quality Matters Reviewer, Master Teacher, Master Gardner

361-593-2757 or barbara.oates@tamuk.edu

Scalan, Genevieve

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

External Auditing, Fraud Examinations, Boards of Directors - Audit Committees, Corporate Governance

361-593-3986 or genevieve.scalan@tamuk.edu

Schumann, Hans

Ph.D., Professor of Practice

Product and Service Pricing, Entrepreneurship, Loyalty Programs and Good customer discounts, International Cross-Cultural Management, Economic Analysis, Transportation and Energy Economics

361-593-2990 or Hans.Schumann@tamuk.edu

Singh, Harmeet

MBA, Lecturer

Market Structure Dynamics, Volatility in Financial Markets, Currency Valuation, Financial Analysis , Technologies in Pedagogy

361-593-3985 or Harmeet.Singh@tamuk.edu

Verma, Priti

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Financial Econometrics, International Financial Markets, Volatility & Risk Management, ADRs, Behavioral Finance

361-593-2355 or priti.verma@tamuk.edu

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