Professor Krueger Wins "Best in Track"

Manuscript Inspires Additional Articles

Two articles arose from the research which won the “Best in Track” for Investments and Portfolio Management at the Academy of Finance Meetings. Both were lead articles in their respective journals.  A majority of the research appears in the prestigious Journal of Investing, one of those “A” journals everyone in academics talks about.  The Spring 2013 lead article is “Consumer Reports versus Money Magazine: The Investment Virtues of Investment Fund Recommendations from Two Widely-disseminated Publications,” (Vol. 22, No. 1, Spring 2013,pp. 1-16).  

In this article, Professor Krueger (Professor of Finance, A&M-Kingsville) and Edward Chang (Missouri State) laud the performance of both recommendations, because they significantly outperform the stock market overall, and their relevant investment category averages. The abnormal performance of mutual funds recommended by Consumer Reports magazine appears to arise from minimizing risk, whereas Money magazine’s selection strength lies in reducing costs and making selections that will benefit more from market advances.  The International Journal of Economics and Finance, “Using Morningstar’s Analytical Measures to Analyze Investment Recommendations made by Consumer Reports” (Vol. 5, No.3, Spring 2013, pp. 1-8), by Krueger and Chang, examines return, risk, and risk-adjusted return using the popular Morningstar ratings.

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