Position Description Analysis

Researching the position for which you are applying can help you relate your skills, experience, and accomplishments to the specific needs of the employer and demonstrate how you will benefit the employer.

Ultimately this will set you apart from other applicants.

A typical job description will include:
    •    A description of the company
    •    Outline of the job's duties or responsibilities
    •    Outline of the employee requirements (especially education and experience requirements)

From the Position Description:
    •    Highlight or jot down the key words from the description.
    •    Identify the three greatest skills needed/requirements for this position.
    •    Identify other skills/requirements that stand out.
    •    Summarize three to five skills and requirements required of this position 
    •    What keywords and concepts should be included in the résumé?
    •    Highlight the skills and achievements you have that match the employer's wish list.  

    •    Use some of the employer’s language in your bullet statements on your résumé and in your cover letter.
    •    Focus on the particular experiences that best demonstrate the need for the position.
    •    Emphasize strong points that match the job qualifications.

This page was last updated on: August 4, 2017