King Ranch General Manager Dave DeLaney Teaches the "Numbers" Side of Business

Mr. Dave DeLaney provides a valuable role in the MBA-level FINC 5331 class, which is loosely referred to as Financial Ranch Management.  A hands-on approach is taken to instruction concerning the financial aspects of business management.  Effective strategic ranch management requires appropriate utilization of accounting and finance tools.  Cost accounting, budgeting, financing, cash flow valuation, and financial planning are a few of the key accounting and finance components taught by Professor Krueger. The course builds on this conceptual knowledge, through the application of these topics in the ranch industry.  

Key to the applications component are illustrations and projects presented by David DeLaney, General Manager of King Ranch.  Mr. DeLaney provides to real, live cases under consideration at King Ranch for students to analyze in detail.  Historically, several of these projects have included expanding operations, including the purchase of land and equipment, hiring of additional employees, and the revenues generated by the expansion.  Students thereby enhance their understanding of the “numbers” side of business, enhancing their ability to profitably manage ranch enterprises.

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