College of Business Administration Application

This application should be filled out during the semester in which the last one of the CBA admission requirement criteria are satisfactorily completed (ordinarily the second semester of the sophomore year). Applications will be reviewed at the end of the semester after grades have been posted; an email will then be sent confirming or denying admission to the College of Business Administration.

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and the corresponding credits. If you wish to look up you GPA and credits, go to your student records on Blue & Gold Connection.

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Pre-College of Business Administration Academic Information

Course Completion Grade in class/or leave blank
ENGL 1301
ENGL 1302
MATH 1314
ACCT 2301
ACCT 2302
BCOM 3306
ECON 2301
ECON 2302
ISYS 2302
Student Professional Development Program
Career Planning
Professional Appearance
The Job Campaign
Professional Etiquette

Return in Person to:
Student Advisor • Office: CBA, Rm. 112

Return by Mail to:
Student Advisor's Office
Texas A&M University-Kingsville College of Business Administration
MSC 182, 700 University Blvd.
Kingsville, TX 78363

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