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Business Internships

As an intern, you will work in an area related to your field of study and individual interest. While on an internship, you will learn more about your chosen profession, meet new people, and gain confidence. Having an internship may also aid your job search as most companies use an internship as an opportunity to pre-screen prospective employees.

Most internships last three to eight months and are taken for academic credit (there is a special course fee for the internship). All internships are paid. Any junior or senior student who is admitted to the College of Business Administration, is in good academic standing, and has satisfied specific department course prerequisites may participate in the internship program.  



As an Accounting intern, your internship experience could include:

• Participating in financial audits conducted by public accounting firms
• Participating in internal financial and operational audits for nonprofit organizations
• Preparing state and federal corporate and individual income tax returns
• Computing contingent liabilities, reserves and long-term debt requirements


As a Finance intern, your internship experience could include:
• Preparing personal financial plans for clients
• Analyzing financial statements for investment decisions
• Preparing analysis of personal and commercial loan applications
• Assisting in investment functions with brokerage firms


As an Information Systems intern, your internship experience could include:

• Developing business cases for various IT scenarios
• Developing software standards for companies
• Testing pre-production software for quality standards
• Participating in LAN/WAN system development


 As a Management intern, your internship experience could include: • Conducting initial interviews for nonexempt positions

• Conducting feasibility studies and develop business plans for prospective businesses
• Adjusting staffing in response to fluctuating throughput requirement
• Conducting job analysis and wrote job descriptions and specification


As a Marketing intern, your internship experience could include:

• Developing and implementing an advertising campaign
• Designing, administering, and analyzing satisfaction and opinion surveys
• Developing brochures and other marketing material
• Planning and implementing special events

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