Supporting Your Student’s Career Development

At College of Business Administration, we understand your desire to be there to assist and provide for your student, and understand how crucial a role you play in their life. However, our goal is to assist you in helping your student navigate the resources available to them that will help him/her develop as a young adult and make the daily decisions that are a part of their new life.

We see the parent’s role to now be one of support (not just financially) – not doing for them – but helping them to do for themselves. And when they cannot, to know where to ask for help. As a parent, you can support your student by empowering them to make new friends and stay on top of coursework. You can also provide support by directing your student to a variety of University resources when needed and encouraging your student to reach out for assistance.

  • Encourage your student to make an appointment with a career counselor at the Office of Career Services.
  • Persuade your student to register for Student Professional Development Program beginning their freshman year.
  • Advise your student to write a resumé and update it regularly; enlist the assistance of Career Services.
  • Challenge your student to research several careers and talk with people in those career areas.
  • Persuade your student to become an active members of at least one professional student association in the College of Business Administration.
  • Teach the importance of networking.
  • Emphasize the importance of the immersion experience (e.g., internships, study abroad, research project with faculty in chosen major).
  • Encourage extracurricular activities that will help build their resumé and leadership skills.
  • Help your student stay up to date with current events and career trends.
  • Show your student the importance of attending career fairs regularly and start a job search in their junior year.
  • Motivate your student to build a professional network and find a mentor.

This page was last updated on: August 21, 2018