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Information Systems Major Requirements

The information Systems (IS) major educates students in using computer technology to help people in organizations of all kinds. This comprehensive major does not require a minor, but students may choose one if desired. The IS major prepares students to enter a career as a web developer, business systems designer, application software developer, computer network manager, information systems manager, etc. The major provides the background required for earning the Information Systems Analyst Certification offered by the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals.

Information Systems Major 

Required Courses: (18 credits)

ISYS 3351   Database Design and SQL 3 cr
ISYS 3356   Systems Analysis and Design 3 cr
ISYS 3358   Business Information Systems 3 cr  
ISYS 3364   Programming in Visual BASIC.NET 3 cr
ISYS 4303   Client/Server Application Development 3 cr
ISYS 4358   Information Systems Project Management 3 cr

Information Systems Electives: (9 credits)

ISYS 3302   Business Applications Using C++.NET 3 cr
ISYS 4304   Database Administration 3 cr
ISYS 4306   Telecommunications I and Networking I  3 cr
ISYS 4308   Telecommunications II Networking II   3 cr
ISYS 4940   Internship in Information Systems  Credit varies

Accounting Electives (2 credits)

ACCT 3250   Entrepreneurial Accounting 2 cr
ACCT 3305   Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax 3 cr
ACCT 3311   Intermediate Accounting 3 cr
ACCT 3314   Cost/Managerial Accounting 3 cr
ACCT 4207   Accounting for Government and Non-Profit Entities 2 cr
ACCT 4330   International Accounting 3 cr
ACCT 4305   Accounting Ethics 3 cr

ACCT 4330   International Accounting 3 cr 

Information Systems Minor (18 Credits)

Required Courses (9 credits)

ACCT  4310   Accounting Systems 3 cr
ACCT  4311   Introduction to Auditing 3 cr
ISYS   3351   Database Design and SQL 3 cr
ISYS   4303   Client/Server Application Development 3 cr or
ISYS   4306   Telecommunications I 3 cr

Elective Courses (9 credits)

ACCT  4305    Ethics for Accountants 3 cr
ACCT  4320    Advanced Accounting Systems & EDP Accounting 3 cr
ISYS   3356    System Analysis and Design 3 cr
ISYS   4306    Data Communication and Networking 3 cr
ISYS   4358    Information Systems Project Management 3 cr        

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