Department of Management, Marketing & Information Systems

You will have a lucrative and exciting career with a degree in Management, Marketing or Information Systems. And, if you prefer, you can also get a degree in General Business Administration. The skills learned in our department will also help you pursue the dream of running your own business. As a Javelina in the College of Business Administration, you will develop the expertise necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

We have extremely active student organizations, offer numerous innovative learning opportunities, have outstanding academic support and a very caring and accessible faculty.


Management is the process of coordinating organizational resources; land, labor, capital and information–to meet a goal. It is the force that unites everyone in an organization and sets everything in motion. Careers in management include retail manager, job analyst, inventory analyst, purchasing agent/retail buyer, labor relations specialist, employee benefits & compensation specialist, operations manager, and entrepreneur/business owner.


Marketing focuses on building customer relationships. It is a process that begins with discovering unmet customer needs and continues with researching the potential market; producing a good or service that satisfies targeted consumers; and promoting, pricing and distributing that good or service.

Information Systems

The information Systems (IS) major educates students in using computer technology to help people in organizations of all kinds. This comprehensive major does not require a minor, but students may choose one if desired.

For more information, contact department chair Dr. Jack Shorter

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