Department of Accounting & Finance

You can go a lot of places with a degree in finance or accounting. Whether you want to enter an industry that is exciting to you, pursue the dream of running your own business or offer financial and accounting services to the public, in the CBA you'll develop the skills and knowledge to stand out among your peers.

There are vast opportunities available to our students. We have very active student organizations, innovative learning opportunities, accessible faculty and outstanding academic support.


Accounting is the field of study that focuses on developing and providing financial information about business, including information about the cost of products manufactured or services provided and about governmental and not-for-profit organizations.


Finance is the field of study that focuses on managing the finances of firms, financial institutions, and individuals.

For more information, contact

Dr. Thomas Krueger
DBA, J.R. Manning Endowed Professor of Innovation in Business Education
and Chair, Department of Accounting & Finance 

Phone: 361.593.3787

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