Accounting Major

A Good Career Choice

With an accounting degree, you’ll gain tangible skills that can be applied in all areas of business. The accounting field is expected to grow by 22 percent by 2018 – even in the face of the economic downturn.

As a first year staff accountant, new graduates interact with CEOs, CFOs, and Controllers, and create networking opportunities that are the springboard to a successful career. Certain business skills are both universal and in high demand. A fluency in accounting empowers students with the knowledge to understand the way an organization works as well as how it maintains its ability to operate and grow. Accounting skills are necessary for any business owner or professional. Accounting is more than record keeping—it is one of the most important, proactive and challenging fields of modern business, and a perfect fit for motivated and creative students.

The College of Business Administration offers a broad range of course specializations with a specific focus: teaching students to responsibly and intelligently manage financial accounts. Classes include public accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation and nonprofit accounting. The program provides basic conceptual accounting and business knowledge as a foundation for career development. A major in accounting can prepare you for careers in:

  • public or private accounting

  • budget analysis

  • financial accounting

  • management accounting

  • tax accounting

  • auditing

  • forensic accountant

150 Credit Options for Accounting Majors desiring to take the CPA Examination

Students planning to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam should consult with the College of Business Administration academic advisor in CBA Rm. 112 to arrange an appropriate degree plan.

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This page was last updated on: August 21, 2018