Working Papers

Dr. Dongnyoung Kim

  1. “Two Faces of Corporate Lobbying: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry” with Incheol Kim and Omer Unsal 
  2. “Difference in Political Ideology and Its Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions” with Angela M. Passarelli and Weishen Wang (Under Review in The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance)
  3. “Determinants of Divestiture Method for US firms: Asset Sell-off versus Equity Carve-out” with Hari Adhikari, Thanh Nguyen, and Dung Pham (Under Review in Review of Accounting and Finance)
  4. “Natural Disasters and Capital Structure” with Ahmed Elnahas and Incheol Kim [5] “CEO Political Ideology and Employee Relations” with Incheol Kim, Thomas Krueger and Omer Unsal (Under Review in Journal of Corporate Finance)


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